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Your one hundredth birthday with a beautiful gigantic drone light show. That's what Ford has done. To celebrate. The one hundredth birthday the Rouge complex. They use drowns to form the words one hundred years and then the drones flew around and formed model t truck a Mustang. The words after one fifty W w j ought to be reporter, Jeff Gilbert has more the Rouge has changed over the past century employment today, a fraction of the one hundred thousand people who once worked there. Now, it's made everything from military boats to the Mustang at a brand new factory on the site is now pumping out f one fifty s four two story. And Ted Ryan is confident that the Rouge has a lot of life ahead of it. I believe that the Rouge. Will celebrate his two hundred aaniversary a hundred years from now because at the Rouge is not just a physical place. It's a way of doing business. Ryan says more than ten million people have visited the Rouge over the last. Century, Jeff Gilbert, w w j it's ready. Go nine fifty a proposed makeover for lakeside mall will be on display during tonight's open house in Sterling Heights city. Officials and designers will unveil their idea to repurpose the mall property for a mixed use development, including residential retail. One of the proposals include de mauling the property by tearing down walls and adding a water feature while including stores, restaurants offices and Greenspace tonight. You open house from six to seven thirty will be at the velocity collaboration center on eighteen mile road, east of mount is the state stone of Michigan the Potasse keystone. But can you actually find them? Impetus key is that a trick question. WW? Jay's Beth Fisher has the answer back. Roberta people are mainly looking for Petoskey stones. Those Browns stones with circles on them along the shores of Petoskey and Charlevoix here come to the task area. You cannot leave without looking for Pataki. It's a month. Diane Dake ends of the Petoskey area. Visitors bureau says a lot of people look for the Petoskey stones along the beaches. And these stones have quite the story. Taskey stones are fast allies quarrel. It's made from the live animals that were on on the lands, and then the glaciers came, and this is what was left Dagan says many people display Petoskey stones are polished them and make them into jewelry. Reporting live Beth Fisher, WW, NewsRadio nine fifty w w j news time coming up on seven fifty expect. When you're out kayaking getting slapped in the face by an octopus, getting face full of I wanna say this carefully tentacles. That's ahead. An update of your money in ten minutes. Traffic and weather together in three minutes..

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