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Been a pleasure working with you it's been my pleasure working with you sorry to see you go and i wish you well and any future endeavor well thank you dick it's it's been a great honor to just be a part of the show to kind of hang out under your wing a little bit and just learn has been fun everybody on the team is is amazing so i appreciate all the time and all the listeners and thank you guys so much keep listening because this shows only gonna get better well i mean there will be a little bit of it missing with you gone but i just wanted to pay my respects to you and let the folks know that you're off on another journey and i wish you well and your next endeavor i wish you great success in the future thank you for that after so chris is leaving us let me let me just tell one little story i easter and passover i remember another easter and passover i was in jerusalem with jane byrne and we were i had been shipping my video back i had spent the night down in tel aviv and i came back i was driving a cab i had a cab and he was taking me back and as we came into jerusalem here were all of the prayers echoing across the city and then i went to cover jane byrne at the church of the holy sepulcher and the catholic mass there so and then i i was standing up above and i was looking because because the church is divided and on the other side from the catholic mass and easter sunday gas leak mass which is you know really you just really get a great feeling particularly to given the day on the other side is the greek orthodox and you could see the greek orthodox ceremony or whether it was not greek easter at that point in time but the but it was also passover and.

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