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Fucking day and the winter that i moved to colorado eighty three. It's no point five fucking days in a row. So i was kinda fucked so i let me take my. I got this mike. I let me take up told you this and give us up. Make a little money. I was going to come home. I would rob it. I was fucking had some money put away but we always want to have a cover. Want to just be a fucking thief. What other cover. So people saw me up there shoveling. This guy's not a bad guy. He's working joe. Coffee was he stole around your coffee up snowmass village. So if anybody's season. Tom joey his love. He may be retired. I heard a couple of years ago. He was still out that. Thank as tough as white motherfucker from colorado. I love him but that was not a purpose. Y shovel snow. I have too much to leave to go back to jersey and i was casing out the drug deals. I know all the drug dealers lipped so my responsibility was to show from a building. The like fucking a. b. c. d. a. b. c. the a. f. g. so my responsibility saying the e at g. I had five buildings. I think there were settled apartments in each building and it was outside so i had to start on the earth law as shout my way down. I checked door handles on the way down. You never know it was i. I was a fucking mess aside but that was why took that job because i would see when the drug dealers go skiing and i knew they weren't coming back right away when you go skiing. You don't come back for fuck redmond. you're already up there. You're not gonna come back home. And if you gotta shake your shit up on the mountain got great low fuckin- battles up that. Just go out there. I would wake him and morning. Too cold to be on attrition of they slowed up with work to some thousand. Make me go wire half house and then come back home at one. Go inside the house. Warm up for an hour. Slogan joint may get chocolate. And go out there and shovel fucker slope and those days it was robbed a rob the drug deals but on the funk and other days when i was out there early if i didn't have to be another attrition flop i was there eight in the morning and that's when people fuckin- leave to go skiing. They wanna catch the fresh powder solve while they were looking for that fresh powder i was looking for my own mouth fresh powder so i had my roommate at the time. I lived in cd. Efg but i lived in d twelve but all the doors were the same. They all had the same fucking security system. Which is one doorknob. I figured out. If i could break in. If i could figure out how to break into my door. I could break into any other door in the flopping compound. There's the mind the. Joey is check what he guys look for. Christmas bucknell recipes. I'm dropping some fucked and stories on the monday morning. You can't just leave. You're at the end. So i figured out that if i could break into my own apartment i could break into any other part from c. h. Then probably about four drug deals those four buildings at the time and i was working like a fucking savage is figured out if you took a Like a little handsaw. We could hand saw. We welded like we cut a piece off to wouldn't have the point so wouldn't like let the people know that i was fucking around with the door always perfect. My roommate was a genius at the time. Di rest is sold. Jimmy i love you at all my heart and he devised a tool. That would slip ride. I didn't even have the pop. The fucked and molding that he was brilliant sauvages papa. He also devised a move for me to do the back patios. So the patio screen door. They will easiest. They were the best. So whenever i fucking just living man that those those i lived there from july the february and those poor people were terrorized from the hall from the mid. I moved in july. I was just to new jersey. Shish was fresh of jersey. I didn't know what belongs to me. What didn't belong to me. As far as i can concern there was all belong to me so from the midnight. Fuck i moved there. I was still crazy. Thanks not too outrageous. I didn't really start going off that yip about september. That's when i realized destroyed life. Shit a fuck a work and go to work every day. I was taking some classes at night. That oh fuck and thing. But i just i was just into it. I was just into it. So my buddy had made me this little fuckin- tool would i knew drug dealers. While it was his one. Drug bill was a chef at a faulk in hotel and he would ski early. And what i did was out. Go into the house and rob them completely. If data mounts of coke. I would take eight ball. And i leave the thing. Slate would be confused. They'd be walking around confused. I didn't start hitting them polite january. That's when i started. Clean them up. But anyway that whole fucking little slow thing brought me back to that presenting the my wife and daughter came up and i that can we help and on my all yet. Hope mike fog. You fucked up my little fantasy. I the last half hour because it makes makes the ski you focus on what you're doing if you focus on the story. While you fucking shitty emesa a lot easier saw mopped shoveling burglaries and whatnot and those poor people. It was a fucking great time but it really was it really was. I'm not gonna lie. I had a great time those days. I'm such a piece of shit but it was a joy was with just kicking down. Doors being graded. I was getting my exercise amber glamorizes and you know what is like. They suspect me at the end. But i think i poach put a double agent. Didn't get hiring from those people. And as far as they were concerned i did not do go. I was not interested in dole coke you know so it will happen be robin. If he doesn't do coke walk can they be doing. I was stopped at that mother for up for my fucking flight. The new york city. But donna came out with my wife. We did a little bit of fuck in shabalin and then bowl.

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