Arizona, Emmanuel Macron, Ruggles discussed on The Canon - 109 Raising Arizona (w/ Ira Madison III)


Unless we let you is they are always mixing up the way they right here they've said that when they will bless simple they wrote it very plot i they're only thinking apply and not in terms of character and they wrote raising arizona deliberately the inverse know they don't write the same time the same way they wrote raising arizona character first and then added plot is just also in our member of emmanuel macron's ruggles was lowered from from some idea but like if you're thinking plot was worth it can plot i you know or were thinking whatever for since like but when you think plot i like you always natural coming back toward bit so what what's the tv i guess it white men make up ninety five percent of the population don't day they must based on our seen in movie do when they make bad movies and stood with a direct arms stores of nine tone trevorrow but we although i i'll just second that uh so can i confess something to you you're i think don goodman super hot us mary like hot like i kinda wanna make our junkerman in this movie malysz offer me from to there he is something and him kind of looks like well this doesn't tell hot but he reminds me of meat loaf in rocky who are picture show you'll be like that ask swaggering i love his exaggerated comic expressions when he's on the couch you're like rolling his eyes and putting his mouth into an oh and looking shocked at how nicholas cage letting holly hunter boss him around he's so.

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