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Baseball with mardi laurie before and after every weekend game on n b r six eighty wade davis the colorado closer comes into pitch now there's no closer for a home team when it's a tie game going to the ninth inning so almost invariably the home team in a game like this will bring its closure in for the night at a time so davis making his twenty four th appearance of the year he's had eighteen saves twenty two innings pitched only twelve hits a lot although two home runs and in twenty two innings at twenty five strikeouts versus only nine walks davis leading the national league in saves the here's kelvin tomlinson runs up as if to bunt takes down on the way fastball missing ball on kilby as a to hit game going three he was hurting free hits he was three for thirty before that my sweet but it's a smash the i had scooped up on a hop bye the desmond and runs into the bag to retire kelvin tomlinson one away quick hands in that former shortstop playing first base now gregoire block wheel under the plate vance joined the jury honestly the ballpark for pregame brunch this coming sunday june the third hosted by see's candies includes the opportunity to be on the outfield warning track pregame also a box of see's candies lollipops and a lower box ticket to see the giants phillies game giants dot com slash brunch four tickets we'll be sunday.

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