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Switch hitter aaron hicks steps in now for the acts with two out man on first new york atlanta nothing third takes the first pitch low for a ball aaron hicks who like his two precedents in the batting order struck out in the first inning as tehran mowed through the enki lineup that first time through this is the second time through obviously to out wanna know county one nothing new york here's the pitch that's a ball now this has been a great story as it relates to aaron hicks and just his path to getting to this success that most guy skies key that you've seen it for a long time that season tickets for a long time they could be good players elsewhere come and put on the pinstripes and have a tough time karen hicks was not a good player in minnesota was not established he was the first round draft pick it came into your it became a big league ball player juneau pitch to suzuki fakes throwback first base holds onto it were three now he stepped up and it sometimes will happen that this building will knock you down mr stanton experienced that although seems to be coming out of it at whitsun experience that thirty years ago and others have aaron boone when he came here was intimidated by this ballpark now his manager now he's the boss so it can change over the years but you're absolutely right hicks did not convert from prospect to star in minnesota or even regular prio pitch to him i that's strike a little bit delayed for mr fairchild with three and one hicks thought that was a ball he was headed a i you think about it sometimes you need to sort of hit the rewind button and imagine aaron hicks lowest point early in his career at minnesota twin someone tap on the shoulder and said hey you know what one night sunday night game you're going to be playing for the yankees and it's going to be against the red sox are gonna hit three home runs that night when everybody's what everyone the world is watching three one that's ball for so what are you saying that situation you say when when you're making this deal with the whoever it is who knows the future yeah right but you know you just never know really what the future holds but it speaks to in this game directly as guys will say keep swinging strike out you make another out and it's been a long slump hey man keep swinging at you can never stop swinging had you know really having that attitude got gotta get back up to it again whether it's today or a game tomorrow her singleton's lesson for shin carlos stanton and aaron hicks is brought to you by me so we're gonna miss on the first pitch to stanton that's true for stan how long are we removed from the last boeing epidemic because at the literally midseason you only has twenty home runs homerun craze time twenty is kinda allot one nothing yankees to out to on bottom of the third inning on the fourth of july yankee stadium tehran has thrown fiftyone pitches for the braves here's fit to swung on fouled back here sort of when i took the foul ball away from fully bale lou on the fourth of july years ago did you say forty five years ago it's either seventy two or seventy three was playing i basically yankees fritz peterson was pitching had a no hitter through three innings the next pitch rico petrous ellie line for basic so petrocelli would have been out steady was up so you were broke up the no hitter it gets worse to pitch coming from tehran to stanton runners at second first and second here's the pitch swung on it is carlo it is the entire gm car threerun homer john carlos stanton exactly what we're talking about swinging put that one into the second tier of the bleachers in right field it is four nothing thanks after the whole broad that he hit last night that was just a gm shot to the opposite field barely got out you off the bat that's gonna go ahead put it on the scoreboard you can put it on the board yes stands twentyfirst homer of the season and suddenly what was a very tight ballgame who's now four zip off the end of the back knew it from the beginning and well he should been soda tehran as he walked off the mound the glorious in takes the first pitch or a ball.

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