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Seven oh six eastern time on this Tuesday night with his parents back in time. I Wan where it's seven six tomorrow morning. And they're listening to this broadcast right now, we welcome them. And we welcome all of you across the country. So Tommy Edmund patiently awaiting entering the handed batters box. Oh, national TV. Steve. It's killing us. We wouldn't dare make anybody. Wait. What we? I like the way that MAC James the Durham bulls catcher jumped up and clicked his heels a few times little superstitious there James has been one of the unheralded heroes for the bulls in this postseason run. Well, we are ready for baseball Edmund batter's box and the wind by the flood ride had her first pick from who goes to a change up and MRs outside for ball one. And we're underway. Four hundred to straight away centerfield three eighteen right? Three twenty five down the left field line the wall. The right field corner. Twenty feet tall. Here's the pitch. From who? Good fastball. Covers the outside corner on Edmund. I one. Jami Edmund three eighteen over the regular season in a brief stint here with Memphis to ninety nine a AA, but he was one of their leaders back. Here the championship game hot smash down to first base poll right into the glove on the forehand side of Nate low sticks in the back of the glove and runs into the bag and Edmund retired. Here's a look at the defense behind she way who at four the Durham bulls. It's been the same layout over the last.

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