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The health inspectors their job is to enforce the health laws and the health codes to make sure that everything is clean and safe and if if that is the law they're just enforcing it if we don't like the law then we need to get a change and that's what we're going to talk to the killjoy well let's we're going to talk to vince gray about because he's he's going to be addressing this issue will be addressing that with him at eight fifteen but you're right nazi uh they they have to they have to enforce the law so they may not they may not be the fun police right now but they are enforced singh the law let's go to robert in dc robert good morning your i mornings on the mall good morning you're very alert if that dole andrew that exact does that really exists dog dog allergies jesus visit as that a real thing what your girlfriend is she wanted these people that if if she's outside and there is a dog email i don't know fifteen twenty feet away from her it's gonna bother her i heard much somebody party really bad the pena twenty feet away the that's a pretty aggressive flatulence fifth 15 to 20 feed that's a that's a decent range who you hang out well i'm sorry to hear i've i i'm gonna blame thing if you're allergic you're in lurgan allergy if that if you're allergic your alerted bob guy doesn't let you take their peanuts out bad because they make it in trump i know have you ever he says he say have you ever e have you ever eaten with somebody with a wheat allergy it's like the most aggressive menu ordering you've ever seen that's why don't you know these people who are high maintenance lace seriously i have a friend is high maintenance with the ordering i do i refuse i will not go out anywhere for land unlike now he's like let's do much like now i refused to lie maintenance i can't look at you the fun police over here no i just it's it's annoying an i'm sorry i know people who have allergies like cats.

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