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Meetings we mentioned earlier so I usually the series of fourteen ten best exactly what seven of the last ten meetings between the two resisting battles and not coppers play of course conference U. S. A. and the American schools did leave the conference USA after the two thousand twelve thirteen to become a charter members of the new American athletic conference of the Tigers in Dallas I have a six five series edge Alaska meeting was a moody Coliseum where the fourteenth of two thousand eighteen Tigers in that basketball game on campus a distributed like twenty nine twenty that the information that sealed the win a cave in Davenport striving lay up before the shot clock expired with eleven seconds remaining as a they eat out a win over SMU a down there seventy sixty seven there are junior guard Jamal but Murray great game for him at her high thirty three points night three's a four is a beautifully what Jenner club is very finished a six day the Tigers by the way what their sixtieth game of the year to have their place by junior Ford Mike parks junior out of Cleveland the seventy points junior guard Corey Brigitta Claxton Georgia added six danger here for he even Davenport from Gainesville Georgia at thirteen junior guard for during their thought of Marietta Georgia finished with twelve freshman guard Jamal Johnson from Birmingham a ten for the Tigers here at that because as we set up a few moments ago nine four series late for the Tigers only batch of last year occur here FedExForum January the nineteenth of two thousand and nineteen S. should be under a ten jacket which the Mustangs are eleven six three it to an American first her head coach penny Hardaway the Tigers eleven at six three and what it really quite proud of sixty seven thousand seven hundred and thirty watch the Tigers come out of their retro back to St uniforms and play one of their most complete games of the year thirty nine seconds into the game the Tigers a what in front by a score of two nothing on a layout by Thorton and dead after that it was thirteen eighty two is a tired continue arrived as SFU really had trouble scoring points they I did not get their first basket until the twelve twenty four mark of the first half as the Tigers a hell of scoreless and fifty possessions basing their first nine shots it was thirteen eighty two at that point then now the Tigers another surge attend I think I'll run as well they put up by a score of twenty three to eight with night twelve left in the first half yes if you did respond with a thirteen to to run on the road but with at four twenty five twenty one our fast break three by so your guard Nate Dixit but however the Tigers close a half fifty due to search and they took their largest lead of the half on a fast break layup by Thorton at the buzzer the twenty three at the intermission Tigers are really I had a great the first half of brute fifty points as abuse at thirty point eight percent of their senior guard Jamal McMurray no points yeah that first day after the feeling a pair of free throws it by seventeen started the second half the Tigers did not allow is have you to make a comeback tiger took their first twenty point lead at forty seven twenty seven on a layout by Britain at sixty thirty seven later use a thirteen due to arrive at that two threes from Harris adverse Lamm by toward directly take the largest late in the game at thirty five seventy four thirty nine six thirty seven a rated go charter way started substituting liberally the final six minutes says have you determined down twenty one point deficit eighty one to sixty by about PM no way of doctors with fifty eight seconds ago with the Tigers were on the claim a final eighty three sixty one victory and move into a tie for second place the time in the American athletic conference Tigers the in the game really a shot the ball well thirty three of seventy three over a forty five point two eleven threes behind the arc at the free throw line the Tigers actually were six await for seventy five percent at rebounding is to be thirty nine thirty eight and a force twenty one Mustang turnovers a a year ago it should be only two players in double figures junior guard Jimmy what Columbia Missouri at twelve points stock before I say a bite from Scarborough Ontario a tent voice of Tigers five guys in double figures so you got Corey Britain game high twenty new career high with six threes freshman guard Tyler Harrison Cordova pop at fourteen points given Davenport adjusted twelve so your bike parks at eleven and senior guard Ford revere Thorton or Georgia his second double double of his career Levin point score high fourteen rebounds you guard your by Martin eight points a career high eleven assists Hey coach pretty hard right now thirty six today dated battles over other use career a sixty six point seven percent winning percentage he is what all time versus a Cebu what gets our head coach Tim tech image that's thank head coach him check in which to do all time gets university of apples and Jeff understate the Tigers have been pretty busy I'll give you that quickly thirty times on the state eighteen wins twelve losses first came back in nineteen twenty one and fifty eight five with at home over the show but last day seventy seven sixty six plus the temple in two thousand and seven Tate and this should be a very interesting game Mister right well the number one and number two teams a scoring play today here at FedExForum and it should be interesting afternoon yeah mad I guess the question like coach Charlie said it's not going to come down to access the nose or anything like that today just what what where's your pride as a player going to be today absolutely Gaby Jimmy's Joe's and now the little things are gonna make up the pile of margin either way this basketball game this afternoon hi thanks a lot now we.

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