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The price. Game dot com. That's right baby and we just hit a hundred thousand dollars. We did on your birthday. Yeah we as if i'm getting anything. Yeah nothing but make sure you do it and you can go support the patriot on the show me really patriot dot com slash the basement where you get every single weekly episode a week in advance. That's a whole week in advance when you go on the youtube comments and you see people coming in six days ago and you're like all of that happened. Guess what it's because their patrons or more and you can get exclusive content every single friday morning that people do not get access to and it's fucking wild. Yes it's a fun time But eight thousand patrons. Joe is doing an enema. Might be there by the time it comes out get. Don't know yeah i could. I could get an mud. you're gonna have a wet asshole. I'm super into that. By the way this morning. I woke up. Sign for half marathon. He's back ladies and gentlemen arison is back. He's back on the streets. I was like you know what twenty nine people were like. Oh you're getting older. I'm gonna get in the best shape ever been in my life. Oh man. I can't wait for you to only talk about this. No that's the thing too. And i actually talked to. You still have the boxing gloves that you don't use anymore but i can't go to the fucking jin not covid. People go to the gym yet but not a boxing. Gym that i go to is very old. They spin in each other's mouths yes. Scotland integration. But yeah i just figured once they get vaccinated though. I'm in that whole fast. Yeah yeah but one of the things actually talked about 'cause therapy this morning and landed on my birthday which is very nice. No but i had talked about how like the marathon thing by the way. What i'm about to say is hilarious and ironic. But i i'm not gonna be like posting about me doing it or like you know what i mean. I could smell the irony from here right. The reason why. I'm saying that it's because we're i mean we're just having this conversation podcast but like every day like i go out and do a run. I'm not going to be like shrimp three miles. Six miles do it. Yeah just do it. You gotta do stuff for today. Twenty nine is me i. that's right. Baby confused me to lovely movement also necessary but me i guess is in your twenty ninth year of age. You're finally putting the white man. I exactly because the white no doubt by the country white hetero man you know a white house white straight male. I feel like. I finally need to focus on yourself to to to bennett to reap the benefits of of being who you are right. Yeah yeah yeah well. Listen man. I support you wholeheartedly. I wish you the best. I really do. Thank you fucking half marathon. Yeah thirteen point one. Where where is it. it's in brooklyn. Oh that's gonna suck. Yeah isn't brooklyn like four miles long. So what he's going to run back and forth brooklyn's huge. It's not as big as queens. That also huge decrease bigger yet. But like brooklyn's fucking long. It's like a four and a half mile loop so you run like three times only god. That sounds awful. Yeah it doesn't sound cool. But like you know an and during the pandemic when i was like super board i was running all the time os able to run eight miles in one shot. I felt fine. Yeah i i actually ran it at the track. Damn i was just running around the track. I remember when you're talking about what we all had that that What was the app called the running app travel. Yeah because i was. I was running to and i was getting maybe a mile and a half in baby but i yeah you you were fucking crushing runs with friends which is stupid. No i never ran with anyone. Oh that was pete. I can't run with other people. Because i have to like i. Don't i just feel weird. But i just wanna get into like really good shape and and like mentally be able to sign up for something and be like yo you have to do it like originally when i was one and a half marathon to myself like a couple of days ago. I was like train for it. Because there's a program that you follow. I found a program that likes. Is it like one day. You run two point two miles without stopping then. Two point four the next day or yeah i mean. It's not like without stopping. I mean it's assumed that it's not stopping but it's like you'll have it will show you like today's arrest and like okay. Run three miles year three miles a year and then six miles. I should get one of those competitive eating. Because i eat a lot. Yeah that'd be fire. W and a half marathon. I'm doing the fucking nathan's hotdog contest. Fucking cool that would be enough for you for me. It wouldn't be my colon. It would suck all for your colon. It would actually below colombo. Yeah i put. That's what we should. Maybe one of should do a food contest. An eating contest. I'm not good at that at all. I saw one that. I think i would actually do. They did like a hot pepper eating contest. It's like you eat peppers like one after another. And it's like whoever bows out last winds that one i would do that psychotic. Why not did the lynch yet. But i'm just eating mad peppers. Why not good for you from the earth. Can't bet for you. I'm sure that if you put enough spices in that stomach it will start to creep up and start throwing no. I don't i don't throw up. Maybe i don't throw acid reflux. I don't have that not yet. I hope i a thousand peppers yet and what. You're not wrong exactly. you're not wrong. But that's what's going to happen birthday boy. I'll see you getting a lot of greats in your twenty eighth year life. you've got a lot of grays. no top maybe you got your weekly fade. I haven't gotten a haircut long. you serious. that's just what it looks like. No i got one yesterday. But like i haven't got one in a long time but i Yeah i've had grace grace for some time grease grease so bad. I don't really have a lot. But like i want like like you know how like davino fourteen had like mostly greys gave zac taylor hicks. Anyone remembers him him. That guy sucks. He had a good voice. Debbie i think you'd be one taylor hixon hike. I don't know. I don't know any songs kit kit. But he used to sing songs on the show..

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