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Flyers tapes wow search for radd on facebook that's the name of the band actually yeah i forgot this is actually a different band this is sick burn see you bands i do i told you i'm in a bunch of bands that was not a joke facebook dot com slash sick burn i think so freaking awesome named for a band by the way i know that's pretty fun burn wow soup burn man that's right yeah very nice thank you laurie no problem letting me plug plug my band oh no hell i don't pay you gotta get you gotta get something this andy nocco he has nothing to plug except his website i have nothing to plug dot com no i h an at ko dot com i am going to be on boston public radio again on friday probably talking about ww dc probably talking about eight three probably talking about stuff too so you'd be able to think it's going to be too l fortyfive until like one fifteen or whatever eastern time but if you go to the w h dot org or w h news you'll be able to listen to it live stream it live or stream it later gbh the king of public radio grew up listening i fact that's where for yeah right zoom it's where i i heard the hitchhiker's guide to galaxy was the calisi was on w h they've redone growing up in boston it's like there is nothing cooler than being a regular on on w.

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