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I forget fucking fragrance or makeup or some crap the k- and it was her wearing flowers making. And then three days after that Paris Hilton posted an image of her wearing flowers. And made sure in the caption to say something along the line. Let me read you the caption verbatim. She said, love these photos. I shot last year. I have to say I did it. I bet. But you know all of those photos. I mean, you could say that that movie American Beauty. They did something very similar before that to everybody's always ripping off everybody, but I love her. I mean, wasn't beyond say's covered, didn't she have a floral thing on her head or something to that effect? I mean, couldn't you say it started with beyond, say a few months ago that she brought the flowers back in vogue? I mean, you can always point back to something else in history if somebody else that's done it before. Right? I mean, but it is, but you're right. It is Patty Paris and I love it. That's what she should do. She should just troch him Kardashian for the rest of her life, and I would follow that. I would think that's funny. I'm on team Paris, I think because she's, oh, gee. To me, I'm on team. Neither of them. You just one team and your team and different. Serena Williams continues to deny that she received any at the US open top one. And she gave a new interview where she said he said he made a motion. I don't understand what he was talking about. We've never had hand signals. I just don't understand, said Serena in an interview. So that's just a little update on what we talked about last week. Also. I don't know if we've talked about Melby last week if it was the week before, but her former Manny. Her male mammy says that she had a constant rotation of men in the house strangers with her kids there for sex sessions. She claims really five hours sessions, and I ran into her in the grocery store wants to, I probably could like struck up a conversation and got myself on that list. He literally says, quote, there was like three guys. In a day, and I'm crying on five hours sessions with each one because the guy goes, you know, I talked to the guys and they're like, I can't go anymore. And then another one would come in and another guy. That's just awful. Like, listen, I get it, you have needs or wants or desires, but you're rich enough, get a hotel room or go to their house like, don't do that in that place with kids. There God knows what they're going to see and they did see according to this Manny, they would see shirtless guys and the kitchen or sometimes naked men. And if that is true, that's really shitty parenting an update on that new, bachelor Colton. Underwood. He according to reports is open to losing his virginity on the shows car. Hope it happens Jesus. I don't believe season. I don't believe it..

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