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Think it depends on the teams. Are you still nervous at jameson. Turn the ball over like if you had a good run defense team you go like a foles or somebody. More conservative. james has high high risk high reward are used to be at least. Yeah i mean. If i wanna boring offense then nick foles wanna conservative offense than nick foles but who has a boring offense in the nfl. While like the ravens the niners ravens had a boring offense just this year before this. They were a great offense by right off a run. Don't turn the ball over like your defense win. Control the ball all that stuff. I just don't understand the carson wentz phenomenon like the topic bar that all of a sudden it was baker mayfield and then all of a sudden we moved over to carson wentz here. Let's his dacca's hurt. We can't talk about him. Oh my god you're right. Back was playing no matter how he was playing. That would be topic number one. How do you guys think. Nick foles is does. He seem like he's about thirty six. One step away from me on account brother thirty one thirty one years old. He went around. It's russell right. Yeah exactly state quarterback prime brandon in arkansas. Hi brandon. what's on your mind today. Well dan i just. I just got a call on patrick mahomes voice over from yesterday. Oh yes yes patrick mahomes. He sounds just like him. Yes yes now. My only problem would You called me. Dolphins fan man. I can't live with that dan. I'm a diehard bills. Fan my buddy wade and all my bills backers. They are getting to me here. Okay okay how did i call you a dolphins fan. What was said that. Maybe i thought you were dolphins fan at the very end of your sentence. You said dolphins fan Oh you know what. maybe it was. Put up there by marvin and said brandon. Arkansas dolphins fan. So do you want me to.

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