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The abbott you let me drive honey please dr dr dr it is time for the drive to the closed jim russell is vice president and principal at ball and gain are responsible for portfolio management and investment research the healthcare sector tim good to have you back let's start broadly because i've been watching kind of the market gyrations and twitter twittering tweeting with folks just kind of watching some of the moves you know sometimes the speed at which the market turns around kind of catches me off guard but a reminder that more volatility is what's kind of normal in the stock market carol we would agree with that this what what's what's interesting to us and probably a lot of other investors out there as well as your listeners is that the volatility really seemed to come out of nowhere almost at the beginning of two thousand eighteen certainly is on display last three trading days in a row friday big down day of course yesterday spectacular day and then down again today so how does how does it all of a sudden we go from kind.

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