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Take that cyberspace with an S.. By the way like Cy Cy Smith when we asked her about the albumin eliminate any of the songs on it had a good story. We talk with her about on the show. She talked about my favorite things and boy she did not let us down so we won't waste any more time before we get into it. Take it away side. The first time I heard my favorite things was in the movie the sound of music of course raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens bright copper. Kettles and warm Woolen Mittens Round pick up packages tied up with strings. Fees fewer. My favorite. The I think the first time I saw the sound of music I was about six or seven years old. I was in my mother's bedroom watching it on TV in our apartment and Hillcrest Heights Maryland. Cream colored ponies and Crisp Apple Strudel doorbells and sleigh bells and Schnitzel with noodles. Wild geese that fly on their wings vs few of my favorite thing. You know that melody caught my ear because it was such a distinct melody As a child that melody just sounded like a dance to me. It just sounded like look. It just sounded like a dad's if a dance could sing. That's what it would sound bites win the bees teams when I leaving simply remember life paver. uh-huh even on paper when you look at it it looks like dance you know And the things that she was singing about were quite abstract to me. You know cream colored ponies and like I. I didn't know anything that she was talking about. I didn't know what a Schnitzel it was but at melody made me WanNa know.

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