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I'm Matt Reese breaking now, we'll see demolition crews at Taft high school's football stadium and buildings nearby next month and then in December crews little start building FC Cincinnati is new stadium. Construction of FC Cincinnati. Cincinnati's Major League Soccer stadium in the West End. We'll start December nineteenth with a groundbreaking ceremony. We thought that this would be a catalyst for jobs economic development. We've made a commitment to inclusion for opportunities not only for people working in construction. But think about people earning a little extra money to be security and ticket-takers ushers team president Jeff birding preparation of the site will start next month with a demo of a few smaller buildings and the tear down of Taft high school startled stadium. The Cincinnati public school board will vote this coming Monday on a resolution that will start the process of building a replacement football stadium. Req- chino NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w tomorrow. FC? Cincinnati plays Nashville in the first round of the playoffs that matches at four o'clock at Niffer stadium. Still tickets available. Now, the latest traffic and weather together from the UCLA traffic center mammograms. Save lives. Schedule your annual mammogram with UC health by calling five eight four pink that's five eight four pink heavy spots right now on the roadways, nor seventy-five you are stop and go from Mitchell to Sharon, south seventy five is heavy from above to seventy five to shepherd and then slowing from the viaduct to the Brent, Spence nor seventy one busy from Dana Montgomery to Ronald Reagan. Southbound seventy one heavy from Martin Luther King to liberty and eastbound to seventy-five starting to pick up between seventy five and forty two heavy north seventy five in Kentucky. Burlington to Donaldson and Easter seventy-five getting sick from four seventy one. Through the construction at the Coney bridge. I'm rob Williams on News Radio seven hundred wwl w.

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