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It's tough especially when like there's so much comic book stuff waie stuff. It's tends to be already. One cultural laundy Laundry machine like a lot of comic book plots or just dumbed down. Shakespeare shit sure you know and and the same thing with my kids cartoons my guy. The hero's journey. How many fucking times do we have to say that in a while. Oh because that's the thing it's like you know when you're dealing with leg babies first dramatic fiction. They don't know any they don't have any standing shows fucking blow their mind with the basic concept of the same way of blew my mind when i saw star wars. It's blow in your mind when you see hunger games or fucking right harry potter or whatever. Yeah yeah so. Do you see this stuff. All of man especially like it's really interesting to see. Biking is very specific. Genre of like ultra violent superhero. Shit like the boys influencing invincible. Which influences suicide squad. Which is influences. deadpool which is influencing like. It's really wild to see these things like hyper like Iterating through all these different leg action scenes and plot points and i. How do you motivate an anti hero or villain and they're all kind of coming up in the same. It's this weird like pop culture petri dish. Now where so much of the same kind of stuff is being made. Because you know. This shouldn't really happen. A twenty plus years ago right. It wasn't like well. Okay the hot thing. Right now is jaws and so like. They're going to be fifteen high budget blockbuster. Movies about sharks. There would be low budget Parana aura and like you nibble eater eight or invent anything new. It would just be like cash ins. This stuff is like they're doing a pretty high levels right. Everybody is feeding off. Everybody else is creating very fast turnaround of innovation in gaza. These these particular genres the are all about right now. It's like superheroes sci-fi is getting that way. The there's been a resurgence of that. Which i'm happy before. Oh yeah like it's it's wild out there. I'm seeing all the other stuff like kind of floundering. Nobody's making great prestige. Traumas right now. I mean they are but they're very few and far between compared to the so fragmented from where they were just a couple years ago and maybe that will like i think eventually al correct but like there's just so much like weird shit being made that i'm kind of delighted in and so many like talented show runners getting their third shot that building this huge stable of creative people. I think eventually I do i do. sometimes it. we're headed for like were just a couple of bad quarters of superhero dune movies away from like everyone out. People hate science fiction again Fuck get it off the air. But i'm really enjoying the shit out having like the expanse for all mankind about the starr foundation yet lake not jokes. Serious science fiction shit That stuff is just sliding amazing. Yeah can made again. All the stuff is so cool and not on the fantasy side. You got the lord of the rings common. You got Yeah i mean Was the other You got game of thrones coming back of the house so much cool shit. Billions of dollars being spent on it in I hope hollywood never thinks that like people are tired of science fiction and fantasy. There were only ever tired of the lazy cash ins can speaking cash ins. We gotta talk about amazon pulling out in zeeland. I wanna find a place to talk about that. 'cause guy does mother maybe otc. We'll have to do off the clock. Because you're right. I and i'm like my opening salvo in that. Argument is like so much of fandom is about goodwill and inspecting your ancestors even if you got paid lip service to the greats and like this is heresy. This is heresy to you. The lord of the rings fandom middle earth is new zealand. New zealand is middle earth shutdown. We'll talk about later. But yeah i'm with. Yeah if nothing else. The.

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