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Today, how did TGI Fridays of all companies change how we meet Dayton, merry a place where many tried their first pickup line crowds formed around the block and many cities where they'd open, and then what happened, how they go from that to what we know it as today trace it from the swinging sixties New York City to wild Dallas to the suburbs, stay with us. So let's get back to Ellen at TGI. Fridays on the upper east side is the late sixties. Well, the food in Friday's was great. Everybody the had hamburgers or this giant salad that came in wooden bowl. I remember that it was all people I'd say in their twenties as they set could so many people I knew from college in high school. Do you remember any pickup lines from that era? I think that time people like came over pretty nicely, and I think what you started to talk about was, you know, hi. How are you where to go to school when he work at that kind of thing? I found stories of the restaurants early days a little hard to believe. And when Moore rwu goal was researching dating, she couldn't believe TGI Fridays story either. I don't think of it as having a ton of character. I think of it as a chain restaurant Moore wrote a book called labor of love, the invention of dating. She and I are both in our mid thirties and we had never experienced the early days of TGI Fridays isn't that kind of crazy for people of Arjun to think about like how that's not that long ago, really? No, really? I mean, yes, it is crazy, and it really isn't that long ago. I think that you know, we all have. Because you don't tend to think of dating our social life in terms of its history. You know, if you're a normal person, we often forget how different things were not that long ago in historical time. So a lot of things change in the sixties. And of course, TGI Fridays is one of them, but if you sort of bring us back to that moment, what are all this sort of social cultural things that are happening all at once in that decade, things are changing dramatically in the nineteen sixties. I think the first thing that comes to mind, of course, is FDA approval of the oral contraceptive pill innovated in nineteen sixty the rates of women taking world contraceptives, skyrockets across the nineteen sixties. You have legal abortion on the horizon. So those those factors make a big difference. So where did TGI Fridays come from? Who was this mastermind of this international franchise that attracted single women in droves who capitalized on free love his name, Alan Stillman well. Was out looking for girls, how is that going before? Friday's fair. Not bad, but certainly at the time that was nothing like that for people in their twenties, just getting out of college. It was no place really for them to hang out before he started Friday's. Alan Stillman was twenty eight. He was living on the upper east side of Manhattan selling the kinds of flavors that food and drug companies add to their products. It's called the central oil business. I think the best offer ever got was thirty eight drums of strawberry flavor for Pfizer to which they put into a cough medicine and around this time for guys like Alan Stillman often the best place or the only place to meet someone to date was at a private cocktail party at someone's apartment,.

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