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The first page mystic seven p._m. On e._s._p._n. Two and now we we welcome w._n._b._a. All star and minnesota league's rookie nafisa call your she rushed over here from practice. Love that really appreciate you making the effort. Welcome to the now. Are your friends fees fee face visa. There's much. I don't know if we qualified what we'll try. <hes> twenty seven season <hes> you're doing great great putting gary numbers went to uconn. Guess <hes> what is <hes>. What's the transition been going from. <hes> power program like yukon to the w._n._b._a. Where you're doing great at certain pretty easy because because i think the programs are so similar and i think that's why they both had so much success because what they expect from their players is so high and so they get great results all right so. I know you have some gino r._e._m. At stories right. I have a couple. What's the best when you got <hes> the one that everyone likes. The most is <hes> one time. It was snowing really really hard so we didn't have a bunch of people at the game quiet and i had done something where coaches y'all got me. He's like so and everyone heard them. I was like guys keep running. Don't what he's screaming my name like that. I wasn't looking at him and so everyone brings that out because everyone now one of the things that megan w._n._b._a. Is the turnaround from college the season like that very quick quick so when you're talking about the transition that you have to make what's your process of going from yukon into professional basketball <hes> <hes> you know what was really quick going from like the final four to the draft graduating coming to minnesota but those two or three weeks we have <hes> before the season is kind of where you get all your kinks out yeah. That's where you're really learning new things and especially moving to the three when i played the four before <hes> that was kind of a transition transition for me i so that's kind of where i try to figure that out so you make the transition and make the also team in your first year. The only rookie make y'all certain replacing asia wilson right. What was it like when you found out you were named that all star team and all star game in vegas with liz cambay jr who is one of the great personalities w._n._b._a. It was really fun. I was so excited when i got that call and then in <hes> being <hes> liz you know they're trying to be a point guard shooting. Those threes six eight six eight trying to be a point guard back in people up. Taking a full court is really fun. You said that <hes> i read a story the other day that you haven't been too shy about the fact you'd like to win rookie of the year. It's typically an award the number one pick wins rookie of the i think nine out of the last eleven kevin house you weren't a high draft pick. So what would it mean to to win. Rookie of the year being lowered. It would mean a lot to me. <hes> is the goal that i set for myself. Originally before the season season started <hes>. I knew that i could do it and so i'd be in great and <hes> you know so close so you're all star coach. There was bill m._b. And he made some headlines because he was really upset that they provide first class travel for the w._m._b._a. All-stars can you tell us for those of us who are involved what he's w._n._b._a. Travel really like these <hes> personally i think are we haven't had any huge problems. It's different from college because we used to charter so we'd be gone unlike right after the game you better travel at uconn than you have champion minnesota lynx but that's the reality of the current w._n._b._a. Yeah i know a lot of other teams have had problems with their travel..

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