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They now. They're on lockdown. Well not lockdown. But you know. I won't say bonilla steps in last minute wins bell. It's ray interim 'bout you end of the day by our ever but yeah it's definitely a strange that that they're looking for a possible backup plan and i don't think it's michael champion. All the bank fights asked backup fires around. This is the first time that. I hear dana white like publicly. Say we're getting back up like it. Sounds like the backup. Hey dana do we have a backup for you feeling Filling cotton connor makes. It doesn't make it some odd reason so that happens. Play out that way In a couple of weeks probably be joined by eugene s robinson. And we'll take a real good look at what's going on with you as she districts before. I know what's going to happen bro. I think dustin pori is going to be getting some tacos and he's gonna grab some hot sauce and drop it. He's going to slip and fall. He's going to break his fucking and the fight is going to be called up calling it now or get some hot sauce in his eye because like opening a bottle on the man i called it. Exactly how high right and it sounds. Good number to If you guys are thinking i'm thinking. Yeah i guess tony ferguson. Bites connor the fight that we always wanted right so they give connor. A win writes on his own lies. Save fucking do a royal rumble. I wanna see like every fucking fighter he does. The lightweight royal rumble. They way they back for value is on l. turns out by loose it. I would love to see tyler king walk in there. They're like oh my god it's steiner king. He's just got thrown out of the ring. I probably would buy. That was light ways. I'd like to see you go against all the alpha males that'd be killing ten alpha males to pick title long leg your eye on one leg and then what's his name Touchy feely on the other side. Lange on your bags are not feeling shots. His that's exactly also males man there. He's now in my opinion ease point. Not their fault are now over five five. So yeah what else. David got dan. Hard rang wanting to box name. Yeah yeah. I wanted to mention that because each and every show like we do. I do shortlist topics outside the cage. Every time i turn around. Dan hardy wants to fight somebody and now he wants to box. Do we ever see dan hard fighting anybody ever again you know. I don't think so. Dan hardy i think the next person who's gonna fight is the referee that yelled at her her beans. That's a fight. I wanna watch. I wanna see dan hard. Serve boom you what to do bitch. Their one week hundred can fight oh. I know that we've seen that video. Where he fuck out of that. I know what you're back dan. Hardy you're never fight again. 'cause one week he's wanting to fight nicosia's and rise x. week he's wanting to box. I mean i'm just tired of hearing about the guy i mean. I want him to fight somebody. you know. maybe it's carlos condit haven't seen him since carlos content knocked him out years ago. Buddy bro you know what. Let them fight. Jimmy fucking submits her at the coast and then in some weird way possible. It's going to happen Gonna fight. let's session in boxing magazine. Everybody everybody's reeler lunch really. Yes you you'd call. And last. But not least i guess we could close the show with this topic guys. Apparently there's a huge fight. That's ruin up that nobody knows about. According to ali. abdelaziz manager could be maga made of great george saint-pierre white and requested a one sixty five pound matchup against george to fight. They've always wanted the fight. That will be the biggest fight in the history of the. I don't know league. Now i'll le- i says Zoology right yeah are i didn't happen. Yeah i think it makes. I don't get the money is is really what Kabeba he thinks about you. Know he's got all the money in the world The him it's it's about pride bro. Ride in honoring his father. And i think that's a fight that he would want With to be honest with you. And i think he i think that that happens. I think i disagree. You could wine. You're wrong Voice stadium dsp's epic to finish out his contract. So you go to boxing issue. Right wasn't an issue why he wouldn't have by de la hoya because he's still contractually obligated to fight for the. Ufc ask does this might. I'm done true. I'm gonna go make some more money with de la hoya trailer here. Peace right. I think what you guys are looking at. Is joe his haircut. I already talked about it. last week. Is haircuts dan dan. Dan signed on dale. Oil fight is looking at route at most. Probably thirty million if he does get be versus be is looking at minimum billion barley. Fifty news seventy million in. Yeah exactly a.

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