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But don't take our word for it find the for restless painting ones on the wall on the I or heart radio you app mention here or bring wherever story you get song your podcast he brought people home you know Travis someone Walton has a and face Calvin Parker for radio and father just Gil isn't as impactful and many others anymore all had now dinner that at our you house can see while them online I was the following sixteen up on Facebook when issue he came in on to Michigan exclusive content and that content the infamous news alerts swamp and yes gas you can yes even see that our faces move that haunted him for years then it for Facebook yeah that things was a kind like of a on stain Facebook because are you know in the press conference I just got off the plane it's not always he made help a process me to see what's that going on in the the world swamp gas could look on possibly that little blue explain web some of what has W. been seen away over that I six dot day com period but of course trusted that kinda source knew for once local got lost news and weather and information so this became when the weather's a an bad example out there of W. Hynek O. A. being I. pressured gives me all by the the Air information Force I needed to dismiss to all the minute of it with weather forecasts a you twenty know blankets four seven want gas news explanation radio twelve hundred I would I had W. been told what way I maybe you know all that does some general somewhere was the one who told him to say swamp gas and he didn't want to say it but he had to comply yeah and that was I think sort of a low point of his tenure will the Robertson panel was another one the low point of his of his tenure with project blue book and by that point he had really come to realize that the airforce was not interested in finding the truth and especially with project blue book you know the forty six of a second air intelligence service Cuadernos more designed for rapid deployment to to crash sites and project blue book was really more of a PR exercise to tamp down public hysteria and as they show in the TV show just to make up answers for everything what was it all the major father change his mind from being a skeptic and he was just absolutely in a believer and he wants yeah you know I would say more so than the word believer I would say except her I think a scientist they will accept the weight of the data and you know people often point to the so Carl case with line is a more in nineteen sixty four as a sort of the straw that broke the camel's back but I think it was really the weight of the evidence and the consistent patterns that he saw developing one of the insights he had was that he was not really starting your foes he was studying you awful reports because you didn't have your photos and some great big Petri dish so he was studying the reports and we started looking at that data that's how I was able to come up with a classification system of close encounters of the first second and third kind to help scientists around the world compare more apples to apples yeah the lawn is a more case the police officer from Sir coral New Mexico was an incredible case and then that's that's the one that really then started changing him wasn't I think that maybe the the end point I think he he had seen it numerous cases by before then such as father Gil and Papua New Guinea in nineteen fifty nine and Barney and Betty hill in nineteen sixty one there were very compelling and father Gil was such a compelling and what he felt credible witness who is taken call me taking note while he's looking at the saucer hovering above the ground with like five hundred other witnesses there on the site as well and that's the one I think that they saw occupants in the windows yes and it weighs in a way back well I love this stuff it is it is fantastic and when project Bluebook ended which was in nineteen sixty nine at what point did your father start the force in Chicago centerfielder studies were started nineteen seventy three okay so only about four years later that's right and what what got him to do that well you know Jamie macdonald others wondered why my father stayed involved with blue book long after it was clear that blue book was not a scientific exercise for the National Security exercise and my father's belief was that if he left he wouldn't have access to the data and perhaps even more importantly the ability to shape what data was collected and how it was collected there may be a a final stamp saying it's weather balloon but still that that information will go on the report my father had a great deal of influence as to what information was capped so we decided that it is better to stay there and be aware of the information and influence the information so that when it was finally released he could use it and the center field for studies and other people could use it and now we see that of the twelve thousand odd cases that project Bluebook officially investigated all with a mandate to explain away everything they still couldn't explain over five percent of the cases Paul did you ever have that the sun to fathers sit down in gold dad come on now tell me what's going on you know not that it wasn't really necessary because it was just part of the daily fabric of our conversations I you know you also is kind of a family business we grew up with them so was a a natural thing you know my father viewed himself more than a UFO got as a scientist and astronomer so we try to inculcate in us the scientific method and having an open mind and looking at things in an evidence based way and UFOs by the time I was cognizant UFOs were just something that were was accepted in our household so to me it's it's seems strange not to grow up with UFOs as part of everyday conversation university of Colorado did a study in nineteen sixty eight call the Condit report in which they basically confirmed project blue book that most of these cases are not real they write they really kind of put down everything yeah and that was sort of a that was in part instigated by the swamp gas case in Michigan which you mentioned this is Gerald Ford was a congressman there and he got really upset and he said there needs to be a government committee so the the the airforce put together the condom committee because military types I have a lot of difference to academics and they can use an academic report is sort of AZ air cover for a conclusion that want to make if you actually read the Khandan report their conclusions states there's nothing to see here folks please disperse but the actual report itself has a lot of compelling evidence for your phones so the conclusion of the report itself doesn't jive with his own report this is just fascinating when when your father would tell you the various cases and things as you grew a little older no like you passed away in nineteen eighty six so that probably would have made you how will then twenty four twenty four well old enough to know all these cases right yes indeed and that's when I met many of the people involved I mention father Gil and and Calvin park but Travis Walton and many of the other report you know the other people studying phenomena and of course our dear family friends aka leg was around quite a lot absolutely with his own theory still yes and you know a lot of his beliefs dovetailed with my father towards the end of their careers or towards the end of my father's career as to you know the province of your photos because they the long been convinced that there was a phenomenon and they started turning their attention to where your foes may come from when he wrote the book close encounters of the third kind which was turned into that incredible movie and I'll always love that movie because I spotted your dad in that crowd with his pipe that's right and it was just so cool there it really was what what compelled him to do that write that book you know he had it seems so much of the stuff in blue book and he's come up with his ideas and a lot of the terminology he used in the book and he decided that now that he was released from blue book he had the ability to talk about those cases and he wanted to set service scientific classification and rubric over this really tantalizing an enigmatic field so that scientists to look at it to give sort of cover to other scientists to be able to talk Turkey and to compare apples to apples and look at these cases in a way and try to find the emergent patterns that he'd already seen when he was no longer a skeptic Paul what did he say to you or the family about what she thought these things were so one of the things that a scientist does is not really leap to conclusions you know one of the there's a a saying that sometimes attributed to Richard Feynman that is I'd rather have questions I can't answer than answers I can't question so one of the hallmarks of a scientist is that there are some things you just don't know and so my father felt is important to keep your mind open when you may be confronted with a new phenomenon that may be annoying it may not comport with the grant you just received the paper you just had published but also after you accepted that there's a phenomenon don't close your mind to quickly by simply grasping the best available answer but keep your mind open that maybe the answer is and yet they're so a scientist before's deciding this is it we'll try to rule other things out I think and in one case in this case the extraterrestrial hypothesis is one that he felt didn't seem to explain all of the UFO cases perhaps that explains some the because if there could be a lot of explanations for UFOs but for some of the cases you know they come they have to come from a long way away kind of tweak Einstein in the nose we have a lot of very sensitive instruments that can detect the entry and exit of objects in and from our atmosphere and they don't we don't seem to have the corresponding reports for those with sightings plus objects exhibit a lot of comfort with our gravity in our atmosphere and then they exhibit sort of Cheshire cat like properties well they'll appear here and then over here sort of violating our laws of physics so the extraterrestrial nuts and bolts hypothesis didn't grab them very much and he and Jacques well they started gravitating more towards things like inter dimensional possibilities sass and even more exotic yeah she came up with some fascinating possibilities as he kept at this for a long time and as he was getting older and older and and and our condolences he passed away of a brain tumor Danny that's right and what is that like to say is that he was born in nineteen ten and died in nineteen eighty six as you said which were the years of Halley's comet so he like mark Twain's with Halley's comet I love and I took him to see how his comment right before he died he was born in Chicago is that where you were born to that's right both of us us right okay and I'm I'm from Detroit so that the Taliban westerner you have you got that right but gosh I will always remember the case that one is nineteen three years later after he visited Michigan I started working for a television station while I was in college and I kept talking to them about your photos in your folder so I want to do this and that my first radio interview back in nineteen seventy one Paul was with the late Stanton Friedman sure of course and by the Greek and Stan was with us in Columbus Ohio and our live stage show when he passed away going back home right after the event while something else it also I was he was my first interview I was his it's not something that's that's it's just magical the way that happens your father was extremely well.

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