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We are taking your calls as always eight five five to four two seven two eight five, eight five five two four two seven two eight five. And now we're pleased to be joined by Dennis Dodd of CBS Dennis. How're you doing? I haven't seen. Can you on the road in a few years? I believe. How are you? It's a pleasure. Yeah, I've seen in a while. Yeah, it it's it's been a little bit. But I still read your stuff and read something this week that I thought was compelling and wanted to have you on to talk about it, which is about this kind of, change of trend in non-conference scheduling among power five teams. I think we have mostly enjoyed these big neutral site games in the first couple of weeks of the season. We've gotten some great matchups over the years. But a lot of us if really lamented, the disappearance of these home and homes, we've seen a few of them lately. I mean, we saw Georgia up in south bend a couple years ago, Irish returning the trip this year, and it's, it's awesome to see certain helmets. You know uniforms trot out on the field. You're not used to seeing them on. That's part of the you know, the pageantry of college football. And we're starting to see in some of these recent announcements return to that with home and home series. And you kind of dug into the reason why. Why? And that's what I want you to kind of lay out for us. Why are we seeing more big time teams announce home and home series with each other? Yeah. It's really key to side, it, I think with certain legacy programs. You mentioned you know, the chant champion school, so the championship legacy what whatever that number is top ten twenty thirty key more value in scheduling out the home and homes that can help them not only with annual giving with student attendance with attendance in general, as well as the supposed presumed expansion of the playoff bracket.

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