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The Sea's Adam Copeland on the leadoff spot here it on your Google home Smart speaker by saying play knbr, George Kettle things weird. I don't know. I don't know if George Kettle's just saying, like It's not getting done today or I haven't put pen to paper, so don't talk about it. But it is so funny now. Where? Where? You know you guys were doing their job. It was funny to see Grant Cohen put that out last night. But then have George Kendall say, Yo, you just believe everything you see here you read. I would imagine that this isn't being reported without any sort of source. I'd expect that from Sports Illustrated and then Ian Rappaport is reporting things as well yesterday and wrap. She put out a tweet last night, he says 40 Niners and tight and George killer closing in on a massive conflict. This is perhaps sheet. Of NFL network on a contract extension that would make him the highest paid tight end in the game. Today, sources tell me and Mike Silver, so small hurdles are left, but a well deserve raises coming. So sounds to me like it's maybe more legit than that. Initially thought, because at first I thought, Oh, this is fantastic news, and then it moved to Ah, To to George Wilson. You know, don't believe everything you read. And you know, it actually made me laugh because you said, don't believe everything you see on the Internet and I was like this is from the guy was a big pro wrestling thing, but it is believed that that's really, But your biggest fandom is based on something that's totally fake. So I just got a funny anyway. I spoke in front of that, anyway. There was I want to talk to that grand. He just because yesterday he had a couple of weird, funky things. He's a He's a strange dude, and he's been a strange dude. For a long time. He's had anxiety, he said. Depression pitch for some really, really good teams. I was forget that the brewer's made that move for him after he was a cancer. I think he won the Cy Young with the Kansas City Royals Brewers make that move for him. They bring him in. They don't let a couple of times when they bring in a big starting pitcher for that pushed down the stretch. They did it with C. C. Sabathia were like nine and one for them back in. 07 relate something like that. Then they bring in They bringing Zack Greinke on a partial season trade. Then he ends up going to the Angels when he goes to the Dodgers than the D backs. And now he has settled in in Houston after a trade last year, which, you know Think about that deal. The Giants were trying to get to that. Great. Remember that then they turn around. They couldn't get Greinke. They couldn't get Jon Lester. They turn around. They signed Johnny Cueto and Jeff so margin, but they were they were looking to give Zack Greinke that deal. By the way, everybody in in Arizona who had drawn up that deal, Dave Stewart And Tony LaRussa and get that $200 contract. They're all gone. They dropped the $200 million contract on Grand Cayman They left and that was it So anyways, that Greg yesterday was doing some crazy stuff on the hill. David, do we have that that sound bite from From Dallas Braid and Della's breaking, handsome comments. A couple of things was a couple weeks ago, about a week and 1/2 ago, he was pitching against the ace, and same sort of thing happened where he was calling his own pitches with his hands to the catcher. Almost like I'm not gonna shake you off. I'm just gonna tell you what's coming. Remember Trevor Bauer was doing that last year. He was doing the thing with his glove Aries. For those who don't know if you're a picture in your warming up with your catcher. The catcher doesn't put signs down when you're warming out, the picture tells and here's what I'm throwing. So you know what's coming when you're just in the bullpen, So what'll happen is like the picture will stand on the mound and he'll have his glove and he'll flip it up. And if he's flipping it up means throwing a fastball. Then he'll feel like motion it down. And if emotions it down with the palm up, Usually that's AH, breaking ball sometimes will pushing at you. Usually that's a change of every guy's got his own different thing, But he's just he's informing the catcher of what he's going to throw. The catcher doesn't get hurt while he's always warming up. Aah! Trevor Bauer was doing that a little bit. He was doing like that. I'm gonna throw a curveball. But he was doing it in a game where he was like motioning to the catcher. Everybody hitting knows what that it like. Everybody knows what what the pitcher's doing when he's warming up what he's showing the catcher. You pay attention in between innings, you'll see a guy do it. You'll see the guy doing it like what he's throwing his his seven warm ups before the half inning starts. Well yesterday, Zac rank. He took it to another level, and he did it against against the A's last week. He was just putting up fingers. He's showing the catcher Martin Maldonado, throw Ah, slider here. That's my number two. So this is from last week in Dallas, Britain is actually coming out with Murphy Mac today to talk maybe a little bit about this, and also this a serious coming up, But here's years, Brayden this is from last week, right, Dave? Oh, this is.

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