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One fifteen over under seven, half I I'm shocked at the over understand hi, I'll be honest. I really think this game's going to be nailbiter where it's maybe like a three, two victory or maybe four three. But I can't see this game. Having eight runs being scored. I think that line is way too high. So I would my bet would be the take the under. And I, like I said, I had ple- splitting the series here in and taking back to Cleveland tied one one. So. I'm gonna stick with Cleveland. That's the bet here. Crass goes good enough to make this interesting contest to your. So I'm gonna go Cleveland, whereas you got to not get a price out. They eat a pitcher, makes it through the fifth inning. But you know that over is the track player. If we're, we're going to bet on the game. Meanwhile, you got a couple of other games coming up tomorrow between the brewers and Rockies Colorado's down, oh, to a, in course field. They just have not been able to produce any offense whatsoever in Milwaukee. So they're down, oh, to their turn into Marquez. Jer Marquez who is essentially the ace of the staff in the second half of the season more walkies just basically giving up this game, they're thrown out Wade Miley out there. So Colorado's fifty favorite to be honest that line these a lot higher. There's no way ever betting money on Wade Miley I would. I see this game any series ending on the sweep from Wade Miley. So I'm taking Rockies might as one fifty. I don't know the over unders nine and a half. I'd have to look at the numbers a little bit further before I make the decision there. But I like to think that the over under maybe. A little bit too high because of Marquez is second half where he really was under under three era pitcher, so that over under maybe Bittu high for my blood given how Marcus as pitched and in the nightcap Sunday night, you've got the dodgers go to Atlanta. You know the dodgers just been rolling. They're heavy favorites against Atlanta. I gotta think Lanta rebounds here, but you know, again, Atlanta has to be able to score some offense. The fact that they have been able to score is the most troubling part of the game. So Atlanta's going to be going to show nukem as starter the dodgers gonna roll out, welcome bueller. You know, again, folks are looking at this and saying that. You know, the rays are one of the weakest teams in the playoffs. I get why the the money's on the dodgers, but I have to at least say Atlanta stays off limitation here at home. You know, take the plus one fifty five. We'll see how it goes there..

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