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We should do the same for friends zone which we did remember we the dallas which was amazing amazing show and that was a market that we were a little bit about initially too so i think we should do to shut off everybody's on by those two cargo tickets chicago turn up for us okay so in these sound streets would you got a nice neighbor destroy birds fell in love i hope the limb love i don't know i can't tell so seldom it's t h e l e m love from fires i'm concerned the limbless delerme load so the l e m tried to tell them good started to kick i can't stop 'cause like chips well it was the guardian la we saying they have you come back to you though you know back to you though all right so then love said i'm so glad that tiffany i tried to get through it up and i wouldn't even go see i'm so glad that tiffany made it to the show i know she's a longtime fan oh that's awesome if you guys pick this comment for next week well you got it we look i already see reserve so i just want people to know that tiffany is the truth i join gene catchers a few years ago and it has completely changed my life after graduating college and go into a depression stage are found tiffany and decided to change my financial life around within two to three i was able to pay off ninety six thousand dollars student loans increase my screen core mice credit.

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