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To your needs like one of the coolest conversations I've had with a gets user is. It's like this little two person agency in the Netherlands and they started using gatsby with a really kind of rudimentary Cms they built for like political activists websites like a lot of like well political activism Campaign websites yeah just just kind of everything in that genre and they built this like cms. That's like super specific to that kind of like world. And then they built a gatsby theme that kind of encompasses you know the maybe five different faces or something that these different websites can go and he was just like almost like tackling on the website. Because he's like I can build a site in like minutes because he just like goes to nullify and tweak some environment variables in like points at an instance of the of the mess that he built. Voila Autho goes you. And it wasn't hard at all for him to build that because like you know because like when you split when Kinda like decouple all the different aspects of the traditional cms like all of a sudden like building the admin part in the workforce in there becomes a much more approachable task. Now because you're not worrying about how do we actually build the website? And how do we run it in deploying that that's because those are those are super complicated but like we can handle that and then is like plug in your data from whatever it is you can have like a kingery and explosion of of small focused? Sia messes because all you're building out is the workflows that are custom to that particular vertical and you can make it for them and you have to worry about the presentation layer like all that stuff make a gas be plug in source plug in and you can have a somber team even working on the actual website and all that. That's interesting possibilities. Yes I I see kind of a world where the average number of kind of content sources and a Gatsby site just keeps going up and up you know because like each team that's responsible for managing some part of the website. They can have something very specific to their particular ways of managing the data. So it's like you have a store locator page on the site and like there's a team that's maintaining that unlike updating information about location and like a new ones opening up and so they like new is opened and Geo tracking. Whatever I mean all all the information that they need can be lockdown. Some CMS instance and they don't have to have access anything else. They don't have to get distracted or weirded out by like one hundred other content types. You know the other people need for managing other types of the website and it can just be like super simple and straightforward To to kind of do their jobs and I think that's like really nice 'cause you know if you talk to anybody who works on websites it's not most people do not enjoy it and I think it's just. There's just a lot of sort of incidental complexity that comes from kind of mashing everything together in one system. That doesn't need to be that way. We're getting short on time. I want to ask you about Gatsby recipes before. Recall it a show. This is something speaking of launches man. You've been long you launch a couple of days ago. It seems like just just last Thursday. Yeah Passion Project or something. You're interested in. Tell us about Gatsby recipes. Yes so gatsby. Recipes is sort of like a new automation framework. That were adding to Gatsby. Basically it can kind of take a lot of routine task that you need to do with a website and you can pull those things into a recipe and recipe is like an MDX file. Which like maybe I blush. Sounds really weird. But it's like markdown and react components wanted to kind of fall. It does. Yeah we wanted to to follow a kind of like a literate programming style thing where you could like describe what you're doing. And then the steps he has tell story through it because we think that's really helpful for kind of like scaffolding kind of code because scaffoldings all about like. Why is the website the way it is? You know it's like it's like you chose different pieces for specific reasons and so if you can say like well this is the recipe that sets up the CMS and the components that like us the data from that cms. Then it's like you know you can look at a site like a site directory with like all these different files and convicting and whatever and then you could like pull out extracted into recipes that there's some sort of coherent story around that so you can be like here's my tools recipe in install some. Npr packages. You know. Add some dot files Maybe hooks up Cypress you know. Cyprus cloud Maybe like using story. Books can figures that and they're like hooks up to you know kind of like cod service running that anyway so it's just kind of combines all those things but it's not just like time this story but it's also it's like when you're starting a new project you can reuse these recipes and so you can just like okay for this project you know. We want wordpress. We want shopping by We need are kind of a normal kind of like developer setup like type script and and Cyprus and jazz and You know we're GONNA set up like circle. Ci WE'RE GONNA use gets cloud of course to kind of do the CD and then we're GONNA set up fastly for for hosting and like Azure I functions. I don't know you just like thrown together all these things and then you can have recipes for each of these. You know the start of the project instead of going to each one and like tediously configuring nat like cooking new and grabbing API tokens etc etc. You just like run the recipes and it was like in like your when it needs to know something they'll just like ask you information and then five minutes later you have a website. 'cause that sounds cool so. I'm reading through some of the code as you talk and even your selected recipe to run in the blog post which will be in the sun and says well and it looks almost like a docker file or like. It's like a ad that do this. It's own script is another word that maybe use scripting has more connotations. Maybe this is more declarative than scripted. Be Yeah Pretty Cool and so you run the recipe setup you can you can tweak it and then you can just click off new gatsby site. It takes a lot of inspiration from like infrastructure as code projects like tax reform is kind of a prominent example of that and You know a tools you know started developing ten fifteen years ago and the reason is because as developers started moving towards the cloud centric models like all of a sudden managing all your infrastructure. Got A lot more complicated. And so they developed like programmatic ways of mono of manning and evolving yeah that infrastructure. And so you know with websites moving to the cloud as well. The same problem is emerging. That's like wow. Three messes like a form handling. Api in like this and that and that and like functions and anyways it just gets a lot more difficult to scaffold out a new project and to kind of evolve at. You're like okay. We launched cool now. We need to do this new feature. It's like back to the the the the setup stuff and this is meant to kind of reduce Burden it's also another way. Kind of another perspective is kind of like the Monolithic to distributed cms and kind of the mainframe to P. C. It's like when you go from a monolithic modular architecture. You know the initial stages. There's just like a lot of energy that's unlocked because previously people who are kind of locked into the monolith frustrated by limitations all of a sudden this kind of sophisticated early adopters. All of a sudden they can start building out whatever they want. And there's just like super excited. It's like you know sort of thing. It's we can do this this and this and they're just like piecing things together and it's awesome and that's like the initial stages and that's like if you look at like kind of the homebrew computers in the late. Seventy like they are buying processors and you know. Why aren't things up and like there's all these people they're super excited about it but things don't go mainstream until you kinda like standardized stuff a bit and then you can like package together into sort of a consumer friendly thing because like you know the average user of these. Things isn't as excited about like helpings. Work under the hood. They just want something that you know. You press the button it turns on and it's you know generally speaking reliable and so forth right. Yeah so it's like hustle. Cms says headless wordpress headless Drubel. Water people are really excited about this. A ton of people over the last few years built a lot of things but if you look at the percentage of kind of their adoption in the marketplace. It's like single digit if of websites. You know it's a very very tiny so there's a lot of noise you know there's like it's like there's a lot of excitement and noise around it but the usage is much smaller than that so to ask the question of course is how do we mainstream this awesome. You know it is amazing. It's like once you get there and you're building the Gatsby site. It's incredible you know. You're super productive. The webster superfast really cheap and easy to run. That's awesome but it's like how do we? How do we get? You know lots and lots of people in that same world and and and to get that it's like it's packaging things up again. That people can just like cool like this is what I need to build a website know sort of like you know the famous five minute. Install for wordpress but for you know kind of this module world circle so gase recipes so this is part of the source project right is not the not cloud thing is right there in the Cli and available will now. Yeah and there's some recipes. Is there a place for sharing recipes? Because that's the next step then is a yeah to get a recipe out there yet. That's something that's very much remind right now. People are just like we have some official recipes that you can of get direct access to and then people are just like sharing them on guest or something like that but a kind of recipe hub. Like you're saying we think it'd be superfund. Our hope is that there's like tens of thousands of these recipes like anything you can imagine doing. You can just like search like find a recipe for that and you know. Oh cool and you can look at like five different variants. They set up this way. They set up this way this way. And then you can like remix it to kind of specific needs of your project and then like you know. Agencies companies can develop their own sort of set of recipes that they use to to run stuff very cool. Kyle well congratulations on finishing your long road to incremental builds relaxed. Now for a little while then. You have to get back to work. I'm sure as the.

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