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Mid line. Here comes the throw from the center circle. Now mccabe. Gives it out to the left here. Some it is comes under Neath it. Probably gonna try and link up with Brian actually finds Nile McCabe back to Oscar in a beautiful ahead. Nobody there, but it is played back out of bounce. Little city will have the ball fourth. They are there. Three minutes at a time that brought to you by Ellen in Federal Credit Union. So we're going to see one hundred eighty seconds here inside a George. He'll get the ball few body slipped through Davis has it now to be on the left side. They're going to pull this on back here as Oscar Oscar he'll go for the pile drive shot can't get go. But Jordan goes outside the left. Oh. To the left side. Oh when I saw the net snap. I was going. Oh, please. Let it be a goal, and it just comes out to left. So no score for Davis. The fourth that would have been a huge second goal. For city is in added time, it should have been very comfortable. Save their from fon Williams off the Oscar shot. It was probably twenty yards out and Vaughan Williams e- sitting right there in his own in his net center. Mass it hits it hits him in the hands. He somehow doesn't grab it. Hold onto it, and it falls to George, you fools, just right after people in the stadium. I present company included in rippling the left side-netting there. Lot of people thought a snack. It's weighing in there. But just why they're from George man, almost it really that that should have been a goal with the opportunity that number twenty two his face with their Cam hits the deck, you'll be fouled and sit you'll get the ball back. They're trying to rush here. Quickly. In added time looking to get their second goal. Seth Moses going to try and delay the restart their, but it's quickly restarted here by sitting nonetheless. Going laterally instead of vertically Jimenez, turns it over to the right side with Gregg Ranjit Singh on top of the ball. Now. He's in his own box directed to the right side. Cow spittle it down marriages returned to the left side. They're almost got the interception, but city still retaining possession Nile swingset up high over the left Ownby can't get to it. Good. Stop by the negative is now finding space working on the right side Oscar's position. Kenny work his way back what speed from Oscar chase that ball down is a little lofted to their he got back haul. Vanegas comes up off the ground and save it. He'll try to send it in from the left in has nobody in the area code. But quite impressed with Kevin Vanegas. He had the ball beat out from from Oscar, then he slid underneath and got back up to make the cross he won the very fiscal ground dual there. Yeah. He didn't. It was something special that he to win the ball back there from Oscar it would have taken some special in the e came up with it. But he ran out of talent there when he went across any is really a no white shirts forward. Here comes the goal. Kick from Ranjit Singh. Up to the right halfway through this at a time. Bounces outside Kyle Smith Smith at center circle. Lofted not handling it. Yeah. I've other game for offsides at first. But he did get the handle. Yeah. It took a couple of peels, especially fon Williams. There looked like like Greg just use the inside of shoulder, and maybe even part of his chest there to take it down. But apparently used his his arm and that's going to be called handling on number twenty two. Fun Williams with his first goal kicking couple minutes. She has actually a freekick, technically clay. Good point. Sorry. Look, I'm not going to disagree with you. I know you're right. I was just hoping to see if.

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