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Five dollars goes to moms demand action which is trying to pass common sense gun control laws all over the country. What what more can we say about cash up? There's probably a lot of people have heard literally hundreds of cash APP ADS and if by now we haven't convinced you. What more do you need to know more? Do you need to know let us know. Tell us what you need to know. What Great Organization haven't partnered with but that's a good yeah? Well we're ready. We demand let us know somebody asked me for seven dollars and seventy seventy six cents because they purchase six hundred ten but I'm not doing refunds besides you said you liked. It took a turn there. I thought it was gonna be patriotic and wasn't sorry sorry anyway. Twelve you download the cash up and get a friend to download it. Get this going joining us on the POD. He is a staff writer for the Atlantic Ray covers politics his most recent pieces titled. What Americans do now will define US forever that everybody should go read it? Sir Welcome back to the show. Thanks for having me so you spend the last few years trying to explain the historical and ideological precedents that made a trump presidency possible but in taking stock a crowd encouraged by the president's own words chanting centreback. You said America has not been here before what in your mind makes this moment different. I don't think that we've ever seen a president and incumbent president used their our moral authority to hold up as an object of Hey <hes> a particular person <hes> a woman of Color Refugee <hes> of religious minority <hes> as an object addictive hate in this way and in a way that encourages the American people to view <hes> other Americans who share those traits as somehow a danger to the republic. It's certainly something that the president would hear a lot on Fox Fox News in particular from Tucker Carlson show but it's it's not something. I don't think we've ever seen a president do before that's in part because we didn't really have a multiracial democracy in the United States until about nineteen sixty five <hes> but it's also also pretty unprecedented seems traditionally presidents have sought to I mean a politicians has to benefit from that idea without personally directing it right. I mean what makes it such a dangerous escalation that what we have is not just say a president benefiting from a southern strategy from two race baiting and whisper campaigns and smear campaigns and and attack ads that use racial grievance and a president saying it out loud in front of millions of people whether on twitter in front of a crowd what what makes this particularly dangerous is the cornerstone of multiracial democracy's that <hes> you know. We're all as American as everybody else being. Why does it make you more American than someone who is Hispanic Amana or black or or N._B._A.? Christian doesn't make you more American than someone who's Jewish and the president is actually saying <hes> with these attacks that actually the only way to be authentically American is to be a white person who supports Donald Trump <hes> at I think that that is particularly dangerous because again it encourages <hes> white Americans to view <hes> their countrymen as people who are fundamentally conditionally American and don't I don't have a legitimate claim to the policy and that can lead to all sorts of other things all sorts of other both ideological and policy conclusions are dangerous that are dangerous APP for example we saw recently the president attempted to lie to the Supreme Court in order to provide cover for <hes> census question that was ultimately we learned designed to diminish the political influence of voters of color and enhance the voting power white voters for the purpose purpose of allowing Republicans to maintain their hold on power even if they're not winning a majority of the actual books so what do you make of trump's back and forth over the past few days about whether or not to embrace or reject the chant it seems as though there were some pressure from Republicans there was a Washington Post piece in which it seemed like a lot of people inside the White House wanted to make clear that they didn't like what trump said whether or not that's true remains to be seen but but trump did at first seem to want to disavow parts of it and then he walked walk that back what do you make of the pressure Mickley not shame so some form of pressure that's causing him to sort of straddle.

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