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Wheel on the. Santa Monica pier even the US Bank tower in downtown LA will be among the landmarks that are lit up And goals tonight, in. Gold's honor and plans are also being made for a public celebration of his life next month Gossip girl actor Ed Westwick will not. Face charges after three women came forward to report he had sexually. Assaulted them in two, thousand fourteen Los Angeles County prosecutors found insufficient evidence to move forward in two of the cases, and in, the third the investigators have been unable to find the woman Westwick attorney. Says the allegations are false groundbreaking television producer Norman Lear has signed. A new two year deal with Sony Pictures television it includes the, rights to remake many of his classic. TV series and even though that might not. Seem like a very long commitment it's a pretty strong vote of confidence considering, Lear is now ninety six years. Old you wanna know the programs are thinking, of bringing back all in the family the jeffersons good times even Baud those were classics It's seven twenty. And advertisers using internet memes to attract millennials. Michael licenses checks your money as marketers try to get the attention of millennials, Jake Jabotinsky the CEO of platinum. Brands recommends memes Basically a funny picture, video that's, widely spread online especially through social media like this news clip of. A woman who escaped an apartment fire Lord Jesus Caught on these things, turned, viral This auto tuned a YouTube video Advertisers on opportunity We'll get you today The.

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