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We're so excited Dr francis collins who's a very very top of the ladder guy at the national institutes of health is here the director We're so lucky to have you here. Dr collins thanks for coming on with us this morning. Thank you top of the ladder. Don't fall off. It's nice to be here with elvis. It's a long way down. All the book find him. I'm just read most of those. This is my home office in chevy chase. I've been kinda working as the head of the national institutes health from my house for the last twelve months and i am really glad to be getting out of these. Four walls are getting a little bit tight. We all feel the same way in the fact that summer is here. People are ready to their vaccine. There waxed and they're ready to party. You know the thing is a lot of a lot of people who listen to our show have not been vaccinated yet. So let's talk about. How can get that to go away. Yeah let's do that because we are in this amazing place where we have vaccines that had been proven safe and effective and now been administered over one hundred and fifty million people in the united states and they are working great but the way to really drive this virus away and have not come back again and various hot spots to get all of us. Acclimated pneumatic close. Young people may think of themselves as maybe not as vulnerable. Young people can still get pretty sick and other thing. We're learning as even those who don't get very sick sometimes. Don't get better this long hauler problem and that applies the young people. Do on top of that. You can sell spread to other vulnerable rable people so i guess i'm trying to make a case here Those of you who have not yet gotten started as about one hundred million american adults who haven't yet gotten adverse does. This is the time to do it. Go to vaccines dot gov and you can find out how to start today. If anyone was saying well. I don't wanna wait and see. See how it goes. I think we see how it goes with. Over one hundred million people already vaccinated and for a while. It's been this way we've been vaccinated for a long time. We're great. I mean it's like logically were still demanded as we true disagree with ask for you. I have a question. I have two kids of course sixteen and twelve and the vaccine for the kids like the newest thing to pop up and the question that a lot of my friends have had. Is they hear. It could cause infertility when they get older. And that is you know. Obviously you don't want that to happen. So that's something that Is bothering them. So this is an issue. I can be very reassuring. You're there is absolutely doe. Data has suggested any of these vaccines are contributing at all to any risk of infertility. That kinda got out there on social media as if it was a real risk. There's no data to support that in fact because people have been getting immunized is since last summer as part of the trials. If this was a serious issue we would always. I now so relaxed. Everybody this is not going to make you infertile. Let me also say if you're pregnant and you get cold red. You're likely to have a fairly severe time. Mother in that would be something really like to avoid on the other hand if you get vaccinated. You're also giving those antibodies to your baby now. It's your mama's first gift to the baby. This community to kobe because that gets passed through the placenta in breast milk. So there's lots of reasons to think about doing this. Positivity pregnant women should talk to their. Obgyn doctor be sure there's nothing they're concerned about. But this present time no evidence to worry about this likewise for breastfeeding god. Because i have to breastfeed after college. Dr francis collins from national institutes of health. He's the director. I bet a lot of people listening to this okay. Today's day what do i do. Where do i go. What's the fastest way to find out where i can. Hop in the car and get jabbed immediately. Okay did it. Two ways. One is just by texting. If you tax your zip code to this number four three eight eight to nine type in your zip code you will get back within a minute. The location info number three different facilities that are within a few miles of you that have vaccines in stock and are ready for you to walk. In and get going the other is go to vaccines dot gov either one should allow anybody listening to this. If you're interested to get vaccinated within the next day by the way that number he gave to text with your zip code. I just looked at my phone. It spells get vacs exactly again texting zip code two four three eight eight to nine. That's get vacs or go to vaccines. Dot gov dr collins. Thank you so much for your time today and everyone get out. Let's go let's let let's all get vaccinated as we can. just forget. What masks should only be on halloween back. Now they're safe. They're effective they work and they're going to be our best pathway towards actually living normal life again. I'm going to get back to being abnormal again. Thank you again. The director for national institutes of health. Dr francis collins. You have a beautiful day and thanks for your message today. We appreciate it. Thank you for listening to us in twenty years. This is insane to me in the morning. Show the time for defense organizations to harness the power of the cloud is now discover how you can leverage cloud solutions to advance your mission at part three of gdi t emerged 2021 register today at gd it dot com slash emerge. Hey guys it's brian. Baumgartner and you do not want to miss the next episodes of the office deep dive. You've not changed. It's really frustrating. Why everyone says that really feel like i have. No you haven't i. Certainly you have a lot of elderly. John i would fight hard for what we believed and we were usually on the same page with jim and pam. We really really cared. I think michael's decent a decent dude with a lot of heart. He just didn't get it all the time. Listen to the office. Deep dive on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts..

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