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Interfering with his own central bank to keep interest rates low the bbc's celine garrett in istanbul presidents richard type are don trump card was economy in five t was perceived this leader who puts turkish economy right buds that had started to change recently inflation sense at eleven twelve percent at the moment there is huge unemployment especially youth unemployment and a turkish lira has plummeted almost twenty percent in the last few months against the us dollar so there was this increasing concern amongst the voters during the campaign period economy was the primary subject not people were talking about especially the opposition presidential candidates but apparently the voters are happy with what mr are doin has done and they believe he is the figure to bring stability to this country and if the economy is fragile they believe a powerful figure it's such as our don we'll be able to put it right markets in turkey rallied as presidents reject type i don declared his election victory and we see that lira has been on the rise as well that's the bbc celine garrett an istanbul and today is howard schultz is last day on the job as executive chairman of starbucks schultz who stepped down from his other role as ceo last year has been the public face of the coffee giant for four decades where to starbucks go from here marketplace's aaron schrank reports under shelters watch starbucks grew from eleven stores to more than twenty eight thousand and the coffeehouse jane became one of the most recognized brands in the world.

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