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House. They attended an evening Christmas Eve mass followed by a traditional Christmas Eve Italian dinner, the president took to Twitter Saturday to say he hopes that everything that divides us fades away, Washington, D.C., one of many places experiencing the cold, while in New York, the governor of their Cathy huckel's been trying to get the word out to help New Yorkers deal with the frigid temperatures. David faux Thomas is in New York. Holding a press conference in Queens on Saturday and said real field temperatures everywhere in the state where all below zero. Hokus said she activated the National Guard in western New York after hundreds of motorists became stranded in their vehicles overnight in whiteout conditions. The governor said that the snow was so bad that at one point every fire truck in Buffalo had gotten stuck, as well as at least 9 ambulances. Further downstate in New York, West Point academy will take down a portrait and a bust of Robert E. Lee from high profile spots around the campus, the move part of a directive out of a defense authorization bill in 2021, a former Republican candidate for governor in Arizona Carrie Lake says he's going to appeal a decision handed down by an Arizona judge Saturday that dismissed her election misconduct lawsuit. The former television news anchor alleged that election officials in Maricopa County had sabotaged her victory in the election by causing printer malfunctions, officials in Maricopa County say the court could find no evidence of that, Lake lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs by about 17,000 votes. I'm Scott Carr. Ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky's back home following his visit to the U.S. in a post to telegram's zelensky says he was back at his office and the nation is working toward victory, zelensky met with President Biden at The White House last Wednesday and delivered remarks before a joint meeting of Congress, he asked for continued U.S. support as Russia continues to wage a war against his country. Adidas finds itself sitting at a massive stockpile of yeezy shoes now that the company's cut its ties with Kanye West, Trey Thomas has more. Adidas farted ways with the rapper after his recent anti semitic comments, leaving the shoe company with over half a $1 billion worth of yeezys to sell without the Kanye name. It's been confirmed Adidas plans to sell the unbranded shoes, the company is already preparing for its first unofficial yeezy release next month. The Adidas three 50 V two granite will drop in January and retail for $230. I'm Trey Thomas, a key measure of inflation shows prices may have peaked. The personal consumption expenditures price index rose 5 and a half percent in November from a year ago, that's down from October's rate of 6.1%, and the lowest PCE reading since October of last year, the report also showed consumers spending continue to increase last month, though at a slower rate than October. The iconic Hollywood sign turns 100 years old next year

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