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Nelson Stewart coming up. We'll speak with author Brian Washington about his highly anticipated debut novel Memorial, which tells the intertwined love stories of parents, Children and partners separated by cultures. Then it looks for the art and design of memorials around the world with Spencer Bailey. He's the author of a new book called In Memory of Designing Contemporary Memorials. And Later We Have a list of movies to watch if you are celebrating Halloween at home this year from cult classics to psychological thrillers. Gothamist editor Ben Yaakov joins us with some of his favorites. We will get to all of it. I'm Alison Stewart and I will meet you on the other side of the news. Live from NPR News. I'm Shea Stevens Judge Amy Cockney. Barrett is set to take the judicial oath in a private ceremony on Tuesday to become an associate justice to the U. S. Supreme Court. NPR's Claudia Chrysalis reports that it's one of two else required before Barrett can begin her work on the high court. Before a socially distanced and largely masked crowd at the White House. Barrett thank the Senate for confirming her to the court, and I pledge to you And to the American people that I will discharge my duties to the very best of my ability. Moments Earlier, Justice Clarence Thomas administered the constitutional oath with President Trump and guests looking on during the outdoor event. It quickly followed a Senate confirmation vote of 52 to 48 confirming Barrett, largely along partisan lines on Ly Republicans voted for Barrett in one GOP member, Susan Collins of Maine. Joined Democrats to vote against the confirmation. Claudie Salis. NPR NEWS Washington The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people in nursing related jobs make up the largest number of severe covert 19 cases among health care providers. Remember Station W A. B E. Sam Whitehead reports that frequent close contact with patients puts those workers at higher risk of exposure to the disease. CDC researchers looked at close to 29,000 people hospitalized for Kobe 19 from March to May. Of the nearly 6% who were health care workers, more than one third worked in nursing related jobs. Underlying conditions were also found in nearly 90%. Of all the health care workers Hospitalized. Obesity was the most common Researchers say the findings highlight the need for all healthcare providers to take infection prevention measures, especially those working closely with patients. They say failure to do so could decrease the workforce capacity of the health care system. For NPR News. I'm Sam Whitehead in Atlanta. A fast moving wildfire has forced nearly 70,000 people to evacuate their homes in southern California. At least two firefighters have been injured. Mike Richfield is captain of the Orange County Fire Authority. He tells KNBC that powerful winds are making it harder to battle the flames with most is fire is that the wind is the biggest problem so Mother nature controls.

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