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Dangerous right now will underscore that several times in the course of the morning. This is mobile news tracker Out east heading east on I 70 near the Hancock Marion County line. On lane. That's not so snow covered right now In Don has tweeted about several crashes since the snow started falling a few hours ago, though we'll stay on top of this view and others nobles villas sharing. It's no plan. Facebook Post there says it plows will likely stay on primary streets to make sure emergency crews can get through now. And as wind blows drifts over them again, and nobles but warns plows won't hit neighborhood streets much if at all. If you need snow removal items, you might be out of luck now. Shovels, snowblowers and salt flew off the shelves this weekend is a slogan. Gay talked to a couple getting ready for this winter blast. Sullivan Hardware in Garden was for appearing for spring before Mother Nature decided to give us a last minute taste of winter. Now customers here shopping for last minute supplies like ice melts in scrapers, Andrew Campbell and his wife, Laura, but a big bag of charcoal and have stocked up a meet, told them over, just in case they get stuck in Whorehouse. Campbell says his family's actually looking forward to the snow there, hoping to make the best of the situation can be cold in my eyes will be snow or reminds will be a something to do outside, so we're looking forward to it. Cilman says they are key with supplies pretty thin, so you have to get it while they have it in ending that listen looking gay was she believes she we dot com and follow us on Facebook. People with heart problems should take extra precautions during this cold weather and the snow heart attacks are more common. During the winter months. We talked with Dr Sandeep Dubay. He's a cardiologist's community health, Dr Dubay says Cold temperatures can cause vessels to shrink, which can raise blood pressure. He advises people with heart issues to avoid shoveling altogether or find ways to at least lightened the work load. Make sure you warm up in or do some stretching. Um, And if you have to do any activity outside, break it out in tow, shorter intervals rather than doing a big a stretch, you know, do 10 15 minutes and take frequent breaks. Doctor Do. They also suggest that people avoid drinking alcohol after spending time outside in the cold? If you must drive her work outside today, stay up to date on conditions with wish TV weather app. It has current conditions, hour by hour forecast live interactive radar. Worth noting. There's traffic conditions on there is well free. Always free and available through your app store. 5 36 10 degrees. The next step what lawmakers on Capitol Hill are calling for following the acquittal of President Trump in his second impeachment trial. This is wish TV also on 93 W IBC Global News and Indiana's.

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