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Oh, no, You're not getting through safe without a mask. I tell you what I think really is going to do it is if you don't wear when you're not getting into the business. What is worse than not being able to get into costume Bill handled nothing mornings from 6 to 10. Nothing on Ko Phi. It is the Conway show on camp. I am 6 40 We're talking about the new movie the outpost. It was the most downloaded film of the weekend, and it's an immersive experience. It's about an outpost in Afghanistan at the base of this valley. If you're just joining us, it was sort of a bizarre placement of this base. But what happened was there was a Taliban insurgency of massive proportion and the director of the film Rob Gloria's is talking with us. This was a true incident. It was chronicled in a book by Jake Tapper, and then you brought it to the screen. Yeah. Jake Tapper released that best selling book in 2012. It was great. You know, when I When I first time out to do it, I called Jake up and, you know, he just wants to talk movies. So I want to do is talk about politics. So we sort of have to divvy it up every time that way. Have a conversation just because you mentioned politics I want tojust also know this is not a political film at all. I mean, really like there's no, no, it's not Pro War antiwar, pro GOP Anti GOP Pro Democrats. Cetera. There's none of that. No, it's about it's about. We really focus on the eight dudes of lost our lives and the two living member to living survivors. By definition, They're living survivors who received the Medal of Honor. One is Ty Carter, played by Caleb Landry, Jones and the other Is Scott Eastwood on DH. He plays staff Sergeant Clint Roma Shay and And that's really worried for what it really is A chronicle of what happened in the battle and sort of the events that led up to it. I would tell you more than anything else. And you know you've got Orlando Bloom and it also it's funny that one should you know, Should you give everybody best haircut and the you know basic Army. Whatever that, you know, Whatever you call it, you lose track. I guess I'm trying to say of any celebrity in it all. It's all very immersive. How did you know that was clearly a desire on your part, too? You know these battle sequences and just the feeling over time is that we're actually there at the outpost. Well, you know, the one of the things that I did mark is that I shot most of most of the film every scene in one long tape in the battle sequences, things on these long, I think really fluid takes And so you know, there's you don't think you're in a movie. I don't think you don't see cutaways. You don't see You know Scotty's would shooting his weapon and then cut a bad guy going down. It's you know, it's all in the long fluid. Um, uh, shots and as a result, I think that you're you're deeply embedded in every scene. At least that's what we were. That's what we're going for. Well, All the reviews were saying the exact same thing isn't very well reviewed film. But I have to ask you, though, from a filmmaker's pinpoint as you're doing that all in one continuous shot. You have all of these things got here got bullets everywhere and you got stuff blowing up and you've got, you know, guys running this way and other people running that way and people climbing over, you know, I mean, there's a lot to choreographing end in one of those things doesn't happen. You gotta retake it again. Oh, so like, you know, that's exactly right. So we've got special effects. I mean, you already laid it all out on the special effects the actress to get it right. And I remember there was this one really, really magnificent Take That we did, and kid Landry Jones, who zeal just hauling ass hundreds of yards, and we're following in the hallway with the, uh you know this one camera and the camera operators exhausted when it's all done, but everyone we nailed it and everybody's cheering and high fiving and tight. Carter. The actual Medal of Honor winner is there and he's hugging and crying, and you got it exactly right and then our military experts Guy named Jericho Dem and comes up and says, No, no, no, no, no, You've got it all wrong. No, no, It's a mess back guy that I was holding his weapon like that doesn't look like one explosion. Supposed to look like I said them. Come on, man. It's a movie was okay. Well, if you want every military guy in America and the world elastic find, Okay. Let it all up again and do it again, You know, And that is the thing you you have to be loyal to story and also to the look of the film as He said before the break. You know you are connected to the military sort of in your own personal history. And obviously a lot of military people looking on this movie. Well, well, you know we've gotten look, I wrote an article today in the deadline and what I said was, it's really difficult to know the metrics of success are But to me how the veterans have reacted to this has been like, unbelievable. And and you know what Marc, also how the families of fallen reacted to this. That was really freaking way. Show them this movie last October, we flew them in the moms and the dads and the brothers and the You know the wives and the kids, and we don't know what they're gonna say after work, you know? The actual soldiers that were there, looking at the worst day of their lives depicted on screen. And these families are looking at their loved ones dying on screen. You know, a couple of people afterwards and you know, I I didn't realize they swore so much. Ah, but there was really in the end, very gracious. And they hugged us and they loved us because you know they're They're boys. They're men and their sons there. They're going to be remembered forever now and You know, That's not something every soldier gets. So you know, I know it sounds corny, more But you know, having been a soldier that is really it was really, really important to all of us. I think it's happened. The capper was a wreck that night, and it's really interesting to watch it because that guy's such a cool cookie when he's interviewing generals and senators and governors and ripping them new ones, and you know who he is, But you know, on.

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