Utah, Nick Ward, Brandon discussed on MSU Basketball vs. Southern Utah


Of six from a long line only the second assists for cash is not surprising and ameri she was may fiberglass sick shatin general reading it now twenty nine of fifteen over southern utah we're the ball lyons when he gets it over now the better back over to cohe five prague their top scorer wants to shoot that the elbow spends fires off aguado sudan bank chats god he's got five he smiling he did not call them i don't think it's all the double had no rotation on it but it went out when n while these animal not ward spin moves running around eight easy to and that's the first rocket four nick ward of this game validates ask two personal fouls so he did not want to pick up his third thirty one seventeen jewish were michigan saying reading southern utah sixty go first half price here comes a jump shot by brandon better a forty two percent free ball shooter has made his first attempt today he's got five told looks now 3120 i'm issue by eleven over southern utah award as a demo spin move that guy doubleteam shots away no rebound gathered up by the thunderbirds here comes cohe would and ties with you one of those hollywood lob pass his downloaded george lines anyone in close even close they didn't acted action that will be the third turnover on the sonderbergh by the way stay tuned into the game a we will select yard metro detroit chevy delivers spine player of the game and be sure to check out the award winning lineupchevydetroitcom.

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