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Aw Yeah fire can set succession in a different direction. I fire fire cycles. Carbon fire can cycle uncle carbon and result in more carbon in the atmosphere because a lot of the peatlands whether they are in the tropics or in the boreal forest they've been stored linnea and it's going to take centuries and Millennia to get it back or it doesn't come back by carbon goes Serb into the air attack an hour now. This is another thing. Some fires burned particularly hot. Some with what happens to their carbon. Does it go a high in the atmosphere and stay a little longer or visit in the oceans fairly quickly were whereas going for the larger fires and some of the fire era that were the car. Fire for instance that was detected by the weekend campaign. There were several piracy bees and pyro. CB's can inject through the Topa into the stratosphere where they have incredibly long lifetime similar to volcanic activity so the height of the plume again. China's another factor not just the ecology of the forests burning but then the dynamics of the fire itself. That's another factor. You got your guest pile up cashews here making very difficult to do your job. It's a big. It's a circle feedback. Right yeah you have to have fuel it has to betray enough to burn. You have to have the right rather Weather conditions and then the fire. The smoke plume can pop up through the trope applause. Cacophony Higher Cumulus is a piracy set is a term that is now something everybody talks about. Uh but I don't remember people talking about so much say a couple of decades ago a true. It heard it but no one really talked about. But why is it now A common term because we have the satellite data. That's available to prove that's really happening. It was it was my krom who is here now and has given tots Mike from the came up with a words piracy be a pyro. Cumulative Emma's piracy us and he actually has a little talk. You Know Web mail now that we all get on because you can kind of predict when they might occur. So we're all. There's all kinds of chatter data but in the beginning there were only so many satellites and he said. Hey there's this thing happening and I think these. These fireplace are popping up through the trope applause into the stratosphere data sphere and many people some people said wow. That's pretty interesting. You know. Law and other people said UH special malarkey. He was very very much pooh-poohed and then as we started to get more satellite data or observations more way of more ways of looking at things and he just kept on fighting and fighting adding and fighting that battle until now it's accepted and now in his latest research. He is the person with David Peterson. whose younger Tall Guy He they have shown that the latest piracy B.'s. NBC British Columbia. This past year they were equivalent to you can make activity. And then there's a lot of grid term. What terms in terms of the mass injected into the stratosphere and the tyne fine it stays in the stratosphere and goes around on a charcoal now Radiata Beth Effects may be different but in terms of mass not sulphur so much assault But Yeah big effect. Yes pretty incredible. It use incredible. Cumulative says the cocaine no and there's a a lot more of them than had been originally thought even gone back in time and said everybody you know they would find aerosols in the stratosphere and they said all we must have missed a volcano and he has connected fires and said. You didn't miss a volcano. This was actually fire. So he's gone back in time time so when you're tracing back in time where when he's doing that what what is he looking at. One signature is a is he looking at that he puts together multiple bull types of information. Some would be from the ground that people report that there because we know when there's big fires it doesn't matter how remote they are. We know what we know about the big ones and there is aerosol signatures that you can see in different satellite data that he uses. He used to be Tom. It's now uses only so zero zone. Yes yeah and you can see the signatures the signatures. You kinda remind updates days when a lot of the upper areas of research was tracing the signature of nuclear tests and that way back San retrace his steps to figure out. Where when the test was that probably correlating with? Go go physical activity in the ground as well but Yeah Yeah that's interesting. It is interesting isn't it yeah. We can trace a lot because of how we've changed environment..

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