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Deserves a kitchen worthy of greatness. Looks like my porches full of packages again. It also looks like my compulsive buying needs to change to compulsive saving. As I sit here on this couch, I decided to make some changes. Starting with this couch. I'd love to be looking out my window at a beautiful backyard instead of a brick wall time for a new house, Whatever your passion US bank and helped turn it into your next pursuit. Equal housing under member F D i C 700 Nations special, don't you? I'll come back to Republic Bank Broadcast booth was 17 27 Xavier enjoying their largest lead of the ball game. 31 23 over the Bradley Brave Xavier basketball is rock in part by Woody Sander Ford. I 75 Mitchell Avenue. You want it, They'll get it. But Joe this this half it's starting out the way the game started. Where's Zach Freeman? I'll open up with a three pointer He's got Xavier's on a 93 run. They've outscored. Uhm Bradley seven Over the last minute, so of the nine point scored. This half has been. Fremantle has five Paul Scruggs has to and the one autumn has two on a live from Paul Scruggs. Scruggs is living at the free throw line. He's four out of six. Matter of fact, he's got all the free throw attempts for Xavier. He also has six assist to go along with eight points. Xavier with 26 rebounds in the ball game, 24 rebounds for Bradley, So Xavier hold their own plus two on the roof in the rebound category. 17 27 to go eight point lead for the Musketeers is that mentioned that is their largest The afternoon Xavier 31 brave 23 Aziz brings it across the timeline lowers a dribble he's picked up by autumn entry Pass Good three point shooter top benign. He gives it up right side of the floor with a poster Childs working on Carter back in his way in Carter, Stop them any powers his way in Mrs Laptop that up in in the second time, child just has those long. Arms is strong is £230.68 he gets in there? He's not moving. It's the second time in the ballgame is Mr shot, only to tap it in to score so it won't look to double team him is 11 points in the ballgame. Now it's 31 25 in favor of the Musketeers. We've gotta Fallon, the baseline, little beyond. Boy started the ball game. Yes, they will have the ball out underneath the basket will be the 13 found this half. On Bradley's ever get to be called for a foul. This half was 16 52 to play. A six point lead for the Musketeers and down on the right side lines. Still looking to get it in the sea. They called time out, Johnson looked. You wanted to go long. It was covered up. Xavier often will fill that first past and beyond the three point line. On the same side. They're trying to inbound the basketball. Hey, that wasn't open. You gotta come back to the basket. I mean, you you play is decide. Designed toe go to the corner that's covered up. They usually have a release valve. You throw it deep. Bradley did a good job of taking both of those away. So the other two players have to come to the basketball can't just stand there. Good job by Nate Johnson to call a time out, because that was gonna be a turnover. He looked long. He looked into the corner that he looked to the left side of the floor. That's when he called the time out, of course. Nate Johnson, a senior transferred in from Gardner Webb for the Musketeers. He averaged 14 points and five rebounds of Gardner Webb last year is a junior lot of playing time. Early here with the Musketeers savior leading 31 25 16 52 to play in the second half. Xavier will try it again working against the man to Man defense. Savior. Players start to cut. Johnson, Looking still looking into the corner goes to Tandy along the sideline, describes back the Tandy deep in the right corner back out the false drugs along the right sideline Zabrze now instead of their offense, working against his own Like a 32 zone. Drugs lots of three over the top of it off the front iron. No good rebound taken by child right of the bucket will dribble it across the timeline and set off along the left sideline of diagonal pass to the right corner. Got by Tommen Island, and he gives it up real quick. Jaybird covered him up quickly. He likes to shoot it back in the corner. Now he launches and it's good. That's his third three of the ballgame. Xavier leads 31 to 28. You can do on Lee. One thing you gotta make him put it on. The deck cannot give him space rail again back into his own into the high post that go to Zach Fremantle. Back outside. The Paul Scruggs dribbles inside the top. He loses it on a breakout is no. When he lays it up and in for 27 run now. For Bradley. Xavier's eight point lead is down the 1 31 to 30 15 50 to play rarely get back into his own. Would you call that a 32? There's three out top baron to underneath the clever 30 to attack it on the At the elbows here, Tandy Drive to the elbow kicks it outside the Johnson. He dribbles inside the three point line of feed to the free throw line. Freeman a loss of 15 footer, No good. Brian Griffin battle for the rebound inside. Tries to dribble. It's taken away Israeli in transition from the head to their big man boy, and he cannot handle it in the ball. Looks like it's going to go to sea with the bench for grandly protest ng the officials are going to confer..

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