North Korea, Russia, President Trump discussed on Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline


They'd be oversimplifying but i don't know boldness talked about this for many years bold is also talked about you know dealing with north korea in tough ways and i think the goal sharing tools or not that's what trump wants to do let me ask you one more before we take a break geno king with respect to russia there seems to be some ambiguity regarding russia now i i'm not privy to the inside of this i'm just putting it on the table from what i read in the papers and so forth the president called putin to congratulate him on his electoral win as it is reported i cannot confirm this but as it is reported his advisors didn't want him to but he did so anyway i think this is overdone the fact that the president is supposedly soft on russia and why do i say that well first of all russia's clients syria use chemical weapons and the president put fifty five fifty seven missiles into an airfield to get their attention not to do that again and and that was they use those chemical weapons with taps on approval of russia the president unlike his predecessor providing lethal arms to the cranium is to stand up against the russian the russian threat and he had a secretary of state say the mr lau grow in moscow at a press conference that the relationship between russia and the united states will never will never be normalized until you stop your russian in crimea and in the.

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