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With them. Ooh and that you can the balls. And that hughes is not the first american negro defined the war between his social and artistic responsibilities all but irreconcilable getting gatty. With of course hughes was hurt and responded with a note. Now there is that horrible. A word that he that he likes that he will use. Just you'll chat the deal with on okay quote. Hey jimmy eight. You heard racing. Art are far apart. Luckily they maintained. No ill will towards one another. But hughes would continue to be both supporter and sometimes harsh critic of james like with his reaction to nobody knows my name and may nineteen sixty one or hughes writes james calling him a quote. Sage a culled sage whose hair once processed seems to be reverting. Jimmy i fear becoming a negro writer and a propaganda. Want that what's happening or am i reading that wrong. Hope it makes the bestsellers list. You might as well suffering comfort. Yeah now back to the winter and spring. Nineteen fifty nine. He was still working on another country and developing an entourage as he usually did but even though he loved being around and with people his money and emotional situation could handle the influx of quote friends. Which is you know yeah. They weren't rally his friends. They wanted his money especially when racism showed its ugly face in the village away. It really hadn't happened before for him. Remember the village has kinda one of those places where he never really had the deal with that type of stuff that people were more open minded. Yes well one night him anion anion girlfriend and another white person run. A bar called the village paddock for a late night drinks there. There were several white men sitting at the bar. James's group was having a mildly noisy good. I'm laughing singing. Talking at one point and gins white engines white girlfriend put her head on james's shoulder while laughing at something he had said. Within seconds the group from the bar was up and attacking chairs broke it. Overheads egging badly beaten. James had a large cut across his nose. The police arrived and of course did little to the group of attackers and set to the hospital where he had to stay for several days. James felt horrible. He had gone through a trip to the south with zero physical harm but here where he had felt safe. One of his friends was almost beaten to death while it his care in his how he left a friend in charge of his apartment and he retreated to the cherry grove hotel then to friends house to get his mind right now. Pattern of time consuming money consuming emotionally drained a lotion drainage social life followed.

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