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He along with Frank. MIR dropping twice a week. Good. I tunes that's why subscribe and you wanna leave them a review so that they can get, you know, their rating just just like all of us. We ask you for those five stars or at least try and be fair as you can, but leave us, oh man, it really really makes a difference with that whole. I tunes algorithm appreciate that. This one, right. I don't know. You'll have time. Got to play the music at some point. So you have like a little less than you think you do. I see. All right. Let's go to Kevin in Chicago. What's up Kevin, how you doing. What's up guys saw one if you saw Ryan Bater his win, and I saw a lot of people saying that it was it was boring. Oh my gosh. So boring in the crowd was doing the Twitter was all saying, oh my gosh, no wonder they cut Ryan Bater so boring. He's fighting the guy who knocked out there. Louis in one punch. One of the most leading dangerous strikers had heavyweight, and they're all crying and surprise at. He took uses wrestling takedown Michio own pretty much dominating the whole fight. That's wanna get your thoughts on that. What you thought about the fight because I just can't believe some of these fans even heard one fan saying they need to get rid of wrestling together, limited wrestling from this word. Yeah, that's my today guys perfectly Kevin. He's he's a smaller guy taking on the bigger guy. How can you complain about what the great game plan? Because you can't throw his with Michio and imagine if you lose how much kick yourself. These are the same people that probably watch rocky three and go. Can you believe rocky? Didn't wrestle with thunderlips. Oh, did was use his striking come on guys. It's a very minor reference. Sorry, it's very minor group, but it's a loud vocal group, especially on fight night. They come out in droves of very uneducated vans. It's, you know, I I would say Kevin. Pop open a beer and just have a good laugh at scroll as fast as you can and just either create a list of the hardcore fans that you know, you can have great interaction with or just learn how to scroll and let's you wanna learn how to learn, but to start blocking a lot of people do that. But I, it gets old. And so what I find myself doing just scrolling and smiling and just not paying attention and not to say that I've never gotten caught up in it because I have, but but yeah, she'd never gonna get anything really great from them. It's also the great thing about mixed martial arts is that it's such a variety. You know you from all over the course of an entire card from one fight to the next. You don't know what you're going to get every time. I mean, sometimes you do because predictable style matchups but there were knockouts on that card. You know, you don't wanna see that every fight, maybe, but I think it is nothing. It's fun to watch somebody who is that elite. The execute that kind of clinic and see somebody trying to solve that riddle and just not being able to do it. I wouldn't want that gong Vader entailed and never have that regret to wonder how would have done if I had just competed at one of these grand freeze, great grand prix or fight away class above or whatever. So all right, we have committed to about five to ten minutes of overtime. Thanks for the call. Kevin. Stay away from those trolls. We'll just gone for like thirty seconds and we'll be back with some overtime. Siriusxm audience. You will get more combat sports, entertainment your way. And if you wanna catch us catch overtime, sometime it's YouTube dot com. For slash junkie video. They close..

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