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Is to be tight two closed down the space call now you know and then of unsafe were express yourself i've no doubt feel leaving get out of own soil on going to have a gauguin material we give you another example say you're sugar ray leonard in you're about to go into the ring your into box him but mayweather barrel sugar ray leonard all my whether you're going into the ring with roberto duran sugar ray demanded an incredibly fli the foot defensive maestro roberto duran on the front foot incredibly strong fists hands of stone and you think the best way to win is to be defensive end to pick him off with the jab you would do that and general sugary leonard when it all comes blazing in the first fight and lost then he went onto the back foot darkest heat heat counterattacked in the way that huddersfield need to do against anybody i don't i don't understand i don't understand your point because you cannot meet talking about it i can see your face lighting or thinking about sugar ray leonard dance we're not saying these boren you just say danced around these done this we're talking about being weather loretta is listening is a boring fighter i would not pay it so it's me whether i think he's build open his hype it talks a fights up and gets people to buy into the actual fights is boring you watch the fight against money pack yao whose adults fight conor mcgregor absolute joke so i mean going on about that you look at weddings lewis lennox lewis hasn't got the credit he deserves as a fighter lennox lewis was unbelievable the man is a progress box i reckon we've ever for georgia football fan igor.

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