Barack Obama, Reporter, Sydney Blumenthal discussed on The Larry Elder Show


Tells them that obama is from africa and apparently persuasive enough that mcclatchy newspapers put a reporter to track down the story came up empty the mcclatchy reporter who was approached by blumenthal has publicly said when we thought approached me blumenthal is tonight now who do you belief somebody like sydney blumenthal who after he was call before the grand jury on whitewater came out and talked about the grand jury questions and it turns out the questions he claims he was asked he wasn't asked he flat out hide in the grand drawers were so angry the chastized him because the grand jury testimony between drawers can't talk about it after you leave your wish you could talk about it but since the grand juries can't talk about it the can't set the record straight and he flat out lie and they ask all sorts of intrusive questions winning in fact it nastily so who do you believe this guy or the mcclatchy reporter who said blumenthal came to me told me that obama's from africa to the point will put somebody wanted to track the story down who do you believe john helmet co author of the book game change he's also milk neocon confirm that it was hillary's camp the started all this stuff so isn't it fascinating how don lemon has bought hillary when she said had nothing to do with it okay did not for me so that's it fascinating.

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