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And art and soul on the fox Felicia Middlebrooks newsradio one oh five point nine FM WBBM news time eight twenty eight traffic and weather together on the A. tears Abby Ryan Eden's in or out it's a ninety minute ride Kennedy out of the airport you've got a thirty one twenty one to get to Montrose aside from the Jane burned in North Avenue and inbound Cumberland to Harlem and then tied approaching the Jane Byrne interchange as so far twenty seven to downtown fourteen the locals at eight in the inbound express lanes where extension westbound clear eastbound type passing Mannheim to the south and tristate ramp the Eisenhower outbound this road Austin twenty out to Mannheim thirty three to route three ninety and I'm thirty five three ninety in downtown twenty two coming in from Anaheim Hey from western to the Jane Byrne thirty and thirty out that's the Stevenson it's clear both ways at fifty five and will county have you from fifty three lever because of an earlier crash then arsenal to refer road I'm going roadwork northbound jammed River Road up to arsenal with the on going construction right out on clear fifteen minutes invalidate he made a right as you approach the Jane burning getting on the outbound Eisenhower ram fifty seven looks good bishop board as to lake shore drive on the southbound side tied around Chicago Avenue and that's a late though the northbound side tied around Grant Park Chicago Avenue eight north bound tristate eighty eight ramp up to passage trials earlier crash outside delays there still get traffic and weather together on the H. every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM the W. B. B. M. accu weather forecast tonight partly cloudy skies and cold with a low of twenty five WBBM news time eight thirty.

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