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It was difficult to sit there and to see it just uh it was it was disheartening to sit there and watch and as hurtful as it was to me to see these individuals step in front of a room and be this be looked at judged and discriminated upon based on the color of their skin and then therefore challenged by the defence i imagine it was just as uncomfortable for them and i i appreciate their their courage and their bravery to stand up in that place knowing that they were going to be judged and challenged it was disheartening to me as i know it probably was for them to trial might have been different had there been indigenous members on the jury well you know what that's that's a question that i think we all should be asking and the truth is we'll never know what will never know i'll never know but let's look at a few aspects of it do you think that the indigenous people on the jury would have heard the evidence differently would have would have seen the the the codes bushy and his friends and what they said and how they would they did and how they responded to to police they would have understood those reactions in different ways and and nonindigenous jury would absolutely absolutely i agree without wholeheartedly they would have possibly understood the intergenerational effects of colonisation and the the dish trust that indigenous people have with the rcmp with the judicial system and understanding the trauma that these youth must have faced when they were arrested onsite detained and asked to give a statement i think that definitely would have had implications upon and indigenous.

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