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Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. US attorney general William bars as he will not show up for House Judiciary committee hearing on Thursday because of disagreement over who will be allowed to question him Senate Democrats grilled bar for hours Wednesday over his handling of the special counsel report on the Russia investigation and the parts that were edited out. Most of the reductions were compelled by the need to prevent harm to ongoing matters and to comply with court orders prohibiting the public disclosure of information bearing on ongoing investigations in criminal cases. Mark knowledge is receiving a letter from Robert Muller in March expressing disappointment. With the initial summary of the special counsel report, he dismissed the communication as being a bit snippy. Some Democrats are suggesting that bar either recused himself from Justice department probes linked to the Muller probe or resign. Cuban officials are denying repeated US allegations that they have military personnel in Venezuela. As NPR's Carrie Kahn reports from Havana, the officials say the Cubans. There are humanitarian workers Cuba's deputy director for US affairs. Joanna lava says the twenty thousand Cubans in Venezuela are civilians almost all doctors. There are no Cuban troops in Venezuela. There is no feel participation in any sort of military or security operations in Venezuela. President Trump tweeted this week that if Cuba didn't cease military operations there. He would impose a complete and total embargo of the island Cuba's tavern. Also called Trump's national security advisor John Bolton a pathological liar. Bolton a longtime. Cuba hardliner has been key in the Trump administration's tough new sanctions against Cuba. Carrie Kahn, NPR news Vanna. The Federal Reserve is shrugging off. President Trump's advised to lower interest rates as NPR's Scott Horsely reports. The fed says it is keeping short term rates unchanged for the foreseeable future. With low unemployment low inflation and the US economy growing at a healthy clip Federal Reserve policy makers reiterated their plan to leave interest rates alone. For now, President Trump's been lobbying for a rate cut arguing it would help the economy quote, go up like a rocket, but fed chairman Jerome Powell says policy make. Were unanimous in sticking with their patient approach, as you know, we are a non political institution. And that means we don't think about short term political considerations. We don't discuss them. And we don't consider them in making decisions one way. Or the other fell says well inflation has been running below the central bank's target of two percent. He thinks that may be temporary. And sees no reason to adjust interest rates for now. Scott Horsely NPR news, Washington, Wall Street stocks closed lower after the Fed's announcement the Dow Jones industrials lost one hundred sixty two points. The NASDAQ composite index fell forty five this is NPR news. Suburban Saint Louis. Police officer is facing assault charges for shooting a suspected shoplifter S eight Lewis public radio's Rachel Lipman reports. A defense attorney says the officer meant to draw her taser prosecutors say Julia cruise was attempting to arrest the woman when she began running crews told the woman to stop several times or she would be taste. Instead the woman was shot once other officers who have claimed they meant to use their taser instead of they're gonna have not been charged. But Saint Louis county prosecutor Wesley bell says cruises case is different. My understanding.

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