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Great great great great great you didn't have to put that into a letter did you could you put that into a letter shearson dog stationary to keep living here now do you have any applaud sure i have podcast called same day shipping where we talk about fictional relationships in real life love take one way too seriously in one pretty lightheartedly and yet you can find that anywhere podcasts arctic can we find you on the internet oh you me you can find me on social at our mogi so that's r m g g on instagram and twitter guys thank you so much for tuning in if you want to follow our show on instagram and twitter we are at teen creeps pod and also check us out on facebook is we are so close to one k likes let's get that like train going the stace out the door and also if you want to check out our patriot we offer many so's we offer ovid's little bits little goodies bring discounts on merch soon yeah and also eight dollar and up a month people get a full length outside jonah episode and get to be entered into a raffle to pick that up owed so it's all a lot of really cool stuff check it out peach dot com slash teen creeps and thank you so much to everybody that ardi donates really really appreciate it thanks for listening anyway and if you wanna follow along we just updated our reading schedules more go teen creeps pod dot com and next week we will be reading fear street one evil summer by rl stein.

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