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Issued as well that now has been canceled sometimes they take these down on that issue something a bit less severe as conditions start to get a bit better as far as your rainfall goes you've got a little bit on the radar right now most of that is fairly light to make begins to move out as we get into your mid to late morning so we do see drier conditions settling in and northwestern drive right now when you're likely dry other than a spotty shower to through the rest of the day today this rise up unfortunately from west to east as some of these areas that have flooding still dealing with light rain fall though I think pretty much all of us drive by about nine o'clock other than an isolated shower on the board we'll see some decrease in clouds later today and thankfully drier conditions settling in however more rain is in your forecast by the time we get into tomorrow especially tomorrow night and Sunday times is mornings in the fifties and sixties anywhere from fifty four to sixty two at sixty three oh here sixty one midway Lansing Valpo in Aurora sixteen Kentucky times make it to about seventy three today like front middle and upper sixties tonight will fall to near fifty degrees partly cloudy and then more rain on deck this weekend slight chance tomorrow mid afternoon and then more and more likely as we get into the evening overnight and Sunday I'm going to show you and talk more about that weekend rainfall coming up in just a little bit thanks Morgan still had market has a look at some of the entries for the Getty museum challenge to recreate famous works of art was Disney world resorts cancels more reservations more I wanna plans to reopen its theme parks at the head and later five o'clock some famous comedians make an interesting parody video for covertly this is a great deal with the best music that's what it says the crisis whether or not why do we almost sixty years a Chicago institution mobster Robert lives near total wine and more now offers curbside pickup and same day delivery in northern Virginia.

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