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Dot com yeah picking up for dropping off a rental car computer potent pot of a transit day and auto slash takes some of the stress out of it by making sure that you're not paying too much go to auto slush dot com and check out their hell works page it has a great overview of what makes them different and one of the major things they do to search hundreds of coupons discount codes for all of the rental companies to help you find the lowest possible yet include you'll membership affiliations discounts in search so it could be discounts for members of the triple a costco aarp credit cards ovarian frequent flyer programs that afraid to sign up for so all of that work is done for you for your trip with your memberships so you get the best rates for free checkout auto slash dot com okay so we've talked about being prepared chicken your visas checking your passport making your plan for travel and pecking another thing that we recommend you do is to have a game plan for easy transit so think about if you traveling with a friend or as a couple or if you're traveling alone how you go into deal with things for example where will you keep your documents if you're traveling as a couple is one person going to hold onto it or is it just a good to keep your own joe where are they gonna go because you're going to be pulling a passport and boarding pass out several times during the day so you're going to keep them in a particular part of your bag you're going to keep them in a pocket was going to go a mike mccready you're over thinking this that no it's really much less stressful to have one place for these documents ago and for them to keep on being there all of the time so just subconsciously you're always aware that that's where they are and you never have to do that flustered chick.

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