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About this during the break. Look at the way they message on the on the vaccine anthony. Fauci doesn't come out and say listen. Okay i i understand that. We just had an a contentious election. I understand we're in a political atmosphere. My jobs to rise above all of that and i'm just interested in public health and i don't care if you've who you voted for or how many times you voted or how you voted last year. I'm trying to stop bit from wreaking havoc in our society. That's my job. And i think there's some misconceptions out there about these vaccines. I don't wanna see this get politicized so let me address a few of them. Is that what we're seeing. No he goes. He goes on very partisan outlets. These are red states You know you've politicized this all. The language is authoritarian in nature because culture authoritarian. How dare you not sign up for the group. Think how dare you think for yourself. How dare you ask contrarian questions you're the one that's letting us all down. That's the same kind of language that is being used here and it's going to be used in the future on. Virtually every debate that we want to half yes. It is steve so fake news or not. Throughout human history our species has typically been prone to ignore potentially cataclysmic events in favor of comfort and carrying on with our daily lives however for perhaps the first time a segment of the american population is bound and determined to turn covid nineteen into the apocalyptic event. Hit never was this morning it. That's absolutely true news this morning. I'm guessing no my routine by now when i'm not doing this for a living or getting prepped. If i'm listening to something outside of work for wind down it's usually something church related or sports related right some. I'm at the gym today. And i'm listening to sports podcast. And and the guest on the podcast is one of the biggest college football writers in the country. Dennis dodd from cbs. Sports and dennis dodd is openly admitting on this pot that this this this is the first time. He's been out of his home in fifteen months that he went to an he went to Kind of a college football muggy mu- gathering and in phoenix last back in may and then he's going to. Sec media days here in a couple of weeks and he goes. i'm. I'm frankly. This point. I just i just need to see people and i wanted. I wanted to get like philosophically disdainful at this. You know what i'm saying. But on a human level harshest broke for this guy regardless of what his ideology is or is belief system is and i'm guessing that's opposite of ours. He's still made in the image of god man. Jesus came to set the captives three free. This guy highly educated highly intelligent is captive to his fear. Told us he just. I would guess see somewhere in his fifties i would guess and and maybe there's a story i don't know maybe he's pre diabetic or something. But he didn't you think you'd mentioned something like that right And he didn't and i'm and so. This is a guy whose life has been traveling around the country to cover the main game in college football every week and he's done it most of most of our lives fans like all of aaron's life he's been around okay you would think the natural human inclination when when that's your job that as a man even christian men struggle not to find their ultimate meeting in their jobs right let alone secular ones. That's your identity. That's your worth. That's you're calling and something comes along to take that away from you. Isn't the natural human inclination to be. No i'm not buying that. Because i don't wanna give up. That's my idol. In a way right right. i don't want to give that up. Who might who's dennis dodd. If i'm not as superior nationwide college football writer who am i instead. Steady willingly gave it up instead. He couldn't give it up fast enough instead he was like. Wow what a shinier. More impressive idle. Let me let me clutch this one instead and i do think that's new. I think it's it's certainly. If there's other moments in human history where the populist desired oppression desired it for For of an apocalypse it's not the normal human clay inclination. It certainly isn't in the western tradition. I mean the reason why. The story of superman's origin were his father. Jurrell brings to the elders that the planet krypton is gonna blow up and they don't wanna listen the reason that resonates is because that's how we typically respond right right. I don't want to give my life up. I'm complacent at leisure technology. I like my my wife. I don't want to just hand. All no we reversed the story now. The scientists jurrell ran the test and the plan. it's fine. they may be some minor adjustments here there. And i think we're gonna be okay but the elders the owners of crypt on her like no. This thing's going to blow up now and now that now they want to run giral out of town because he won't tell him that the planet will blow up. That's what that's what we did with this and enlisting dennis dodd talk about this on this podcast this morning just hammered this point that you just made home. We didn't natural particularly male instinct is to is to have to lock that guy in a room so he doesn't just get out and try to violate every covert order to go to every game anyway. Right nope now. He's he's gotta be begged and cajoled to come back out. That ain't the way this works.

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